Uranus 10KM Online Run

The Magic Space Travel – Uranus
The Ruling Planet of Procrastinator


Uranus - The most unique planet in the solar system that is titled on its side.
Most astronomers consider that before Uranus became so huge, it was collided with a massive celestial body and their colossal impact caused Uranus to tilt. NOW, the laziest planet invites you to run together!


Simply run and clock a total distance of 10KM anywhere between from NOW to 30th November 2019, 2359hrs and earn yourself a unique finisher medal.

Race Period

1st November – 30th November 2019


This is a Virtual Race, you can join and run anywhere or wherever you desire. All you need is a MOVE, LIV3LY Running Tracker App and complete in a single run within the stipulated race period.


SGD15 (Incl. postage fee)

Registration Deadline

30th November (23:59) Singapore Time or while slots last



Cut Off Time

2359hrs on 30th November Singapore time

Medal & Entitlements

A temperature sensitive medal that change it’s colour from Uranus blue to cool grey when the temperature drops to 18 degrees.

Get 2 points per SGD1 registration + 1 point for every 1KM distance clocked. E.g. 10KM = 40 LIV3LY points


  • Only MOVE, LIV3LY App Running Tracker can be used to qualify for completion of distance
  • Account may be suspended if fraudulent results are found
  • Registration fee refund is not allowed
  • "No completion, no medal" policy; This race is based on MOVE, LIV3LY App Running Tracker
  • You will be awarded with 2 points for every SGD$1 for registration payment and 1 point for every 1KM distance clocked. The total of 40 LIV3LY points will be awarded for each completed run.
  • You must sign up and complete your run by tracking it with MOVE, LIV3LY running app by 30th of November 2019, 2359hrs
  • Complete in ONE run

Website: https://www.liv3ly.com/uranus10kmonlinerun
Registration: https://liv3ly.com/registration/event/uranus10kmonlinerun