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LIV3LY registration dashboard

Race Event Dashboard & Analytics

Overview of Multiple Events

Enjoy a concise overview of all the various events you host with us with just one account.

Individual Event Highlights

Relevant details such as the number of tickets sold and the total revenue of each event will be available at your fingertips through our event dashboard.

Multiple Administrators

Multiple users can be given varying levels of rights and privileges to access and manage your event page.

Event Performance, At a Glance

Whether is it revenue, number of tickets sold, or other insightful statistics, we have what you need to track your race event’s performance. You will have the power to know exactly how your event fared.

Management of Participants

Zero in on Participant Information

Swiftly find the details you need on your event participants. For example, you can zoom in on participants who used a particular discount code for your event.

Work Flexibility

You don’t have to work with your participants’ information online. Take it offline if you wish. Export your participants‘ information into an Excel file.

Categorisation of Tickets

Choose Your Price Tier

Create various ticket categories by selecting a suitable price tier from a range of choices. You can also set a limit to the number of tickets available for each category.

Single and Group Categories

Customise your event tickets to be sold for individual athletes and/or for those who desire to participate in groups.

Payment Preference, Your Way

We help you to facilitate online payments from your participants via credit card or PayPal. Not your cup of tea? Sure. We have offline payment options for you as well, where you can choose to collect cash or cheques from your participants.

Promotional Coupon Codes

Incentivise Your Participants

Reward your participants by providing discounts to your early birds or VIPs. Create as many discount codes as you need.

LIV3LY registration form - responsive layout, security audited

Customisable Registration Forms

All the Information You Need

Whatever details you need from your participants, you can get them with our customisable registration forms. Add, drop or edit fields – your call.

Mobile Optimised

We make your events look great on tablets and mobile devices.

Event Package

Thinking of bundling your events to bring greater value to your race participants? We will help you craft value-for-money race event bundles to entice avid runners.

Huge Partners Network

We have a network of valued partners that provide a range of services such as race certificate printing, T-Shirt manufacturing and more for your event. Get a preferred price when you go through LIV3LY!

99% uptime with data backups

The remaining 1% is planned maintenance or upgrading. We do it to improve the user experience for participants and event organisers. It rarely happens, so don't fret it.

All your data in safe hands

Security audit by Deloitte. Backup servers. SSL certificates. The geeky things we do to make sure you go worry-free when you use our solution.

LIV3LY event publicity - seo, html editor, event website

Event Publicity

143,479 athletes match-made to your event

You need participants for your event? We're the go-between. Nothing says “we got your back” better than an active pool of sportspeople, ready to hit your ground.

Event Websites


We ensure that your event page has optimal SEO, so search engines can easily find and link to your event.

Attractive Content

We give you free reign to upload your logo, banner and many more to make your event even more attractive than it already is.

HTML Editor

Wish to decide the styles or images you would like to integrate in your event page? Our HTML editor gets the job done.

Events Coverage

Providing event content that our readers will want to read and get to know about your event.

Social Outreach

We make it easy for your participants to share your event on social media.
LIV3LY Real Time goodie pack collection

Real-Time Goodie Pack Collection

Collection at a Glance

Track your goodie pack collection which will give you insights of the collection pick up rate, high traffic period and inventory status. You will have the control to manage your event’s collection.

Show a confirmation slip to collect your goodie bag?

Nah, not for us. Simply provide your email/ID to the counter, it’s that easy.

Real Time Goodie Pack Collection

Unlike the conventional method of an offline Goodie Pack Collection system, LIV3LY provides tablets that can access the online data real time. In other words, you can have onsite registration and allow your runner collect his goodie bag instantly.

LIV3LY race results and certification hosting

Race Results & Certification

Race Timing Synchronisation

Simply upload your compiled race result timings to the LIV3LY platform and we can synchronise your data with our participant profiles.

System Compatibility

Our platform is compatible with a wide range of timing systems currently used in the market.

Centralised Platform

From event sign up to retrieval of race results, there’s no hassle for participants. We will take care of everything for you.

Download Certificate

Provide us your certificate design and we will setup the certificate to be available for runners to download.

View LIV3LY Race Result

Event Photography & Photo Tagging

Get Quality Photos with Ease

Our photographer will snap photos of runners which will sync to our platform and watch as they are automatically tagged with participants’ bib numbers. What’s more, participants can share their photos to their Facebook at the click of the button.

Sponsorship Outreach

Your sponsors’ logo will appear in all the photos taken at the event.


Participants can share about your event on different social networks, bringing greater publicity to your event.

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