LIV3LY? What's that?

Not here. Check out our About page. We're shy about talking about ourselves too much.

LIV3LY is so cool and fun. How can I help your cause?

Thank you. Spread the words about us. Get your friends on-board. Join events together. Most importantly, have fun and stay cool!

How can I search for events

Click here to search your event now.


So…how does LIV3LY's membership benefit me?

If you like mass sporting events like marathons, discounts for events and merchandises, and a buzzing community, you'll want a LIV3LY membership. We have both free and premium memberships.

Our advice: Take the premium one. More benefits, and one discounted event is all you need to earn back the membership fee. Learn more about it here.

What're the differences between free and paid memberships?

For just SGD$120* per year, you can get bigger event discounts from our organisers, and promotional vouchers for your use. We're introducing more perks for paid memberships. Stay tuned!

*Subjected to terms and conditions.

So how'll I receive the members' vouchers?

In print version, for now. In the future, we'll introduce digital versions for greater convenience.

How long is the registration?

We do our best to make it short and sweet for you, but many details are necessary by law for sports event registration. Though, with our auto-fill option, your registration can be as short as 3 minutes.

I heard LIV3LY is gamified. What do you mean by that?

Imagine all your past runs and sports achievements tracked and recorded in a game-like and fun format. You can take them and compete with your peers in a friendly match on LIV3LY or social media. That's what. It's like a cross between FarmVille (somewhat) and your personal portfolio for running, but way smarter, sleeker and cooler.


So…how exactly does LIV3LY help organisers?

If you open a sport event to the public, you want participants. You need to reach out to the sports community. You need a registration platform. Payment gateway. Manpower to handle the nitty-gritty administration people call fuzzy-wuzzy things. Certificates of completion. Means to disseminate wet weather plans.

LIV3LY is everything you need in one. A marketplace for mass participation sporting events. An event registration platform. And an active community of athletes to which you can promote your event.

What does LIV3LY specifically provide as a solution?

We're going to go full techie on you. Ready?

The main services are:

  • Sports Event Registration
  • Ticketing/Merchandising/Donation/Inventory Control/Card Discount
  • Volunteers Management System
  • Race Pack Collection System
  • Event Publicity
  • Email and SMS services
  • Event Listing and Information
  • Race Results and Certification
  • Database Management and Technical Support
  • Multi-Currency Payment Gateway
  • Customer Service Management

Phew! If you want to know more about them and how they can benefit you, find out more here.

What events does LIV3LY serve?

It's suitable for any mass participation sporting events. Marathons. Triathlons. Other sports events that require participation from the masses. If you're not sure, it's probably a yes. Give us a call at +65 6576 6292 or email us at info@LIV3LY.com.

Can you handle several events at one time?

Yes. That's the beauty of our LIV3LY solution.

How many participants can you handle per event?

We have handled up to 25,000 participants across several countries. Nothing's too big a challenge.

Do you allow us to integrate an existing database from another system?

Yes, as long as you provide the customisable API.

Can our participants apply existing codes such as those from credit cards, NTUC nEbO card and PAssion card?

Of course! A few of them have been integrated, but we'll need the customisable API for those that haven't.

What are the existing cards that have been integrated?

All credit cards, NTUC nEbO card and PAssion card. More cards like SAFRA will be added in due course.

Can we use our own payment gateway?

Yes. We can integrate your payment gateway to our system for you to self-manage. Alternatively, you can let us handle the payment.

Can you manage the payments for us?

Yes. It's part of our lovely solution. We'll manage the payments through LIV3LY's PayPal account. We have done it for established sporting events for Singapore Press Holdings, OCBC Bank, NTUC and many more.

What're the usual fees?

We go by results, so you pay per sign-up for the main fee. Then there's the payment processing fee. Click here to contact us for more pricing details.

What're the options for race pack collections?

We provide both online and offline options. For online, we'll connect to your WIFI and use LIV3LY's mobile app on an Android platform such as a tablet. For offline, we'll use laptops.

Can you help us create the race certificates?

Yes. We have in-house designers who can do that for you for extra charges. Alternatively, use the certificate builder option in LIV3LY for a fast and easy way to design your own certificates.

Auxiliary-service provider? What's that?

Our agency - Eggsplore - specialises in providing complementary services to firms in the sports industry, on top of our LIV3LY solution. These complimentary services include integrated sports solutions like xx, dgital marketing and on-the-ground sports content creation and interviews.


What're the advertising options?

Web banners, advertorials, email and social media marketing. We offer tailored packages. You can do a one-off advertisement with us or a sustained marketing effort.

Do you measure results?

Yes, we do. We charge based on performance for certain advertising options, such as web banners. And we measure all of them with tools like Google Analytics before presenting the results to you.