24 Apr 2016
1000hr to 1800hr
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Car Park D

Calling all kick scooter, electric scooter and electric unicycle enthusiasts. Don't miss the exciting inaugural one-day iWheel4Fun extravaganza on Sunday 24 April at the open-space of the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

It's a great way for the whole family to spend the day outdoors in Singapore's idyllic East Coast learning more about personal mobility devices, how to use them safely and enjoy the thrills and spills of those who have mastered the art of riding their devices.

Make sure to be camera ready. The event is the perfect place to catch the action and capture adrenaline-pumping moments as seasoned riders show off their skill and technique. Stay tuned for more updates!

Programme highlights

  • Obstacles circuit challenge for kick scooter, electric scooter and electric unicycle
  • Catch the exciting performance by our electric unicycle team
  • Chill out and re-energise at the Red Bull energy station
  • Free try out of devices and product demonstrations
  • Lifestyle booths offering special promotions

Free shuttle bus service will be provided at scheduled timing.

The Circuit & Obstacles

The moment participants step into the circuit and ready to go, they will be timed individually from the assigned bibs. Participants are required to overcome five kinds of obstacles within the circuit. Umpires are assigned to each obstacle to ensure participants have performed all five obstacles successfully. Extra time is added on if any obstacle is not done successfully.

‘Knock-No-Cones’ (Slalom Obstacle)
This is a slalom obstacle coined ‘Knock-No-Cones’ for obvious reason. This tests both the agility and maneuverability of participants while they zigzag through the rows of cones without knocking down or grazing any cone. Extra time is added for every cone that is touched.

‘Adrenaline Rush’ (Ramp)
This should give participants an adrenaline rush as they throttle up the elevated ramp and then glide down immediately. The ramp will be made safe for our participants to challenge it and at the same time, gives satisfaction of accomplishment. For this purpose, it is coined ‘Adrenaline Rush’. Extra time is added if participant stops or places a foot at mid-way.

‘Humpty Dumpty No More’ (Balancing Obstacle)
The song we know so well. “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall; Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men, couldn't put Humpty together again.”

It is for this reason, participants should not emulate Humpty Dumpty. This obstacle calls for good sense of balancing while weaving steadily on the 4-metre long wooden planks. Extra time is added if participants weave out of the wooden planks at some point before the end of it.

‘Right On The Dot’ (Brake Check)
This is a brake check obstacle coined ‘Right On The Dot’. This tests participants on their quick reflexes to brake within a marked spot while accelerating at higher speed. Extra time is added if participants brake outside the marked spot.

‘Drifting’ (Sharp Turn Obstacle)
This obstacle is coined ‘Drifting’ which requires participants to manoeuvre through a series of sharp bends around the circuit without stepping off. Good handling skill is definitely a plus. Extra time is added if participants stop or place a foot at mid-way.

Early bird rate ends on 31 March 2016.


  • Read our complete Rules & Regulations

  • Participants who are eligible for more than one discount will only enjoy the single highest discounted rate available upon registration. Offer cannot be combined with other promotional prices or discounts.

  • All prices indicated are in Singapore Dollar (SGD).

  • Following registration there will be strictly no refund.

  • As each race is individually timed, participants are required to pre-select the time slot upon registration. The time slots are subjected to change before/during the execution of the Event, at any time without prior notice to participants. In such cases, the Organiser will make every effort to inform the participants prior or during the event day.

  • For safey reasons, it is mandatory for participants to wear helmet, gloves, elbow and knee guards. No rental of helmet is provided. Gloves, elbow and knee guards will be subject to availability on rental basis of $5 per set at the event.

Each participant is entitled to:
  • One event singlet/tee
  • One race bib
  • One goodie bag with sponsors' products

Adult - Unisex Sizing Chart

Children - Unisex Sizing Chart


* Exact sizes may vary depending on individual body structure. Therefore this size chart serves as a guide only. Subject to change without notice.

To be confirmed.
For Event Enquiries, write to
IDEAS ROOM Consulting
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