Twilight Ultra Challenge 2017

8 Apr 2017 - 9 Apr 2017
7PM to 11AM
Sengkang Riverside Park

The Twilight Ultra Challenge is a fantastic way to challenge your endurance, improve your self-esteem, train for an endurance event, test your nutrition/hydration strategy, or simply just to have fun with your friends and even make new ones too.

Categories and Fees

Registration Categories 

Entry Fee

Solo  $100

1) The Event T-Shirt & Finisher Pack are NOT Included in the Event Registration Cost

2) No refund will be made but you may transfer your slot to another person by informing us before the closing date of the registration so we can change the details of the participant. It is important to inform us of the change as this is for your safety.

Note: Your pacer, if any, is not entitled to these
1) Entry to the Twilight Ultra Challenge 2017
2) 1 Bib with safety pins
3) Isotonic drinks & Water at the 2.5km U-Turn point & Main event site (5km)
4) Bananas at the 2.5km U-Turn point & Main event site (5km)
5) Watermelon at the Main event site (5km)
6) Snacks/Food at the Main event site (5km) e.g. Potato Chips, Bread, Nutella, Cup Noodle
7) Coffee 3 in 1/Coffee 'O'/Milo (Hot/Iced) at the Main event site (5km)
8) Professional Ambulance service
9) Individualised e-certificate
10)Personal Baggage deposit facility (complimentary)
11)Special-Needs Bag deposit facility for your race-essential items (complimentary)
9) Complimentary Baggage Deposit
10) Complimentary Special Needs Deposit (for your race-required items e.g. sunglasses, sunblock, change of clothes, shoes, etc)
8 April 2017
5.30pm -Registration, Collection of Bib/Safety Pins, Deposit Special Needs Bag/BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)
6.45pm - Event & Safety Briefing
7.00pm - Event flagoff
9 April 2017
11am - Conclusion of event
12pm - All bags, special needs items, BYOB are to be retrieved by participants

For enquiries, please email   

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