23 AUG 2015
SIngapore Flyer

Tom & Jerry Fun Run Singapore 2015! 
A 5km run to be held for the first time in Singapore!

The classic game of cat and mouse just got real from animation to fun run in Singapore. Maybe were all Jerry, running from the nasty Tom. Jerry loves visiting the kitchen for food but Tom is always near him and there are lots of goodies for Jerry. Give Jerry a helping hand, take photos with the goodies as memories along the way and end with a fun-filled carnival with Tom and Jerry. 

Come dressed like Tom and Jerry and stand a chance to win attractive prizes as the best dressed adults, kids and families!

Rules and Regulations


Whilst every reasonable precaution will be taken by the organisers to ensure the participants safety, the organisers, their sponsors and their appointed officials shall not be liable for any death or injury, loss or damage, suffered or otherwise, howsoever arising.
The organisers reserve the right to delay the commencement of the run in the event of inclement weather. Should the inclement weather persist after the delay, the organisers reserve the right to cancel the race without any refund of registration fees.
The organisers reserve the right to remove any participant deemed physically incapable of continuing with the run to prevent him / her from causing greater harm and injury to himself / herself.
The participant agrees to: 1) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about the participant contained in the registration form (Registration Data) and 2) maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. The organiser may contact the participant from time to time by email. Any notice sent to the email address registered with the organiser shall be deemed as received by the participant.
Ace Buddiez Pte Ltd may collect, use, disclose and process participants personal data, and provide participants with marketing information and materials on goods and/or services or events, offered by Ace Buddiez Pte Ltd and its authorised merchants and agents.
The organiser reserves the right to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other records of the Event for any legitimate purposes, including commercial advertising.
The organisers reserve the right to amend the rules and regulations without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof.


The organisers reserve the right to limit and refuse entries without assigning any reasons thereof.
The organisers shall not be held responsible for any dispute arising from incomplete entry details.
Participants below 18 years of age need to seek parental or guardian consent before participating in the event.
Participants must wear their assigned number BIB on his / her chest at all times during the race. Participants without the allocated BIB number will not be allowed to take part in the race.
There will be NO fee refund for participants who do not eventually take part in the Tom and Jerry Fun Run 2015. Race packs not collected by participants for whatsoever reasons, will be donated to our appointed charity organization.
There is not age limit for signups. Kids aged 2 and below are free to join the race but will not be entitle to a race pack (runners T-shirt, sports towel, race BIB, poncho and goodie bag). Kids aged 3 and above are required to register for the race.


All participants must collect their race pack which includes race bib, event T-shirt, poncho, race booklet and other sponsored products, during the race pack collection period.
If participants are unable to collect their race pack in person, they may authorise a representative to collect the race pack on their behalf. Representatives will need to produce the following documents in order to collect on behalf of the participant:

A copy of the participants identification card
Representatives identification card

Late collection will not be entertained and the organisers shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused, due to participants inability to collect their race packs.


Participants must wear their allocated bib number at all times during the race. Runners without the allocated bib number will not be allowed to take part in the race.
In the event of rain, participants will have to use the poncho that was distributed in the race pack, no distribution of ponchos will be carried out on race day.
The organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone the race without any prior notification in which case, the registration fees are Non-Refundable.
The participants must run on the designated path for the entire route. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
No pets, or any form of wheel-run objects of transport eg. Inline skates, push cars, shoes with built-in or attached rollers, are allowed on the course during the race except official race and medical vehicles.


Participants are strongly encouraged to go for a medical examination and / or consult their medical practitioner prior to registration and before the actual race day
For the safety of participants, runners are advised to run on the designated path throughout the entire route
Participants are advised against the consumption of alcohol or stimulants or any kind of drugs within 24 hours of their run.
Should any participants feel unwell or experience any pain / discomfort in the course of race, they should stop and seek immediate medical attention at designated medical posts.

Tom and Jerry Fun Run tee









Size 6XS 5XS 4XS 3XS
1/2 CHEST 14 15 16 17
LENGTH 20 20.9 21.6 22
18 19 20 21 22 23
26 27 28 29 30 31

Actual size may have a +/- 1 to 2cm variation from the size chart above.
No exchanges will be allowed during the race entry pack collection. Please note that the organizer reserves the right to make any prior changes without notification.

It is mandatory for all participants to collect their Tom and Jerry Fun Run race entry packs on the dates stated above. Participants will need to bring along their NRIC or photo ID for verification purposes when collecting their Tom and Jerry Fun Run race packs.

You may authorize a representative to collect the Tom and Jerry Fun Run race pack on your behalf if you are unable to do so.
Your representative will need to produce the following documents in order to collect on your behalf:

A copy of the runners identification card
Your representatives identification card

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