The Great Relay Singapore

4 June 2016
5:30am - 7:30pm
Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park

What's it all about?

Categories & Fees

Public - 100KM Price
Men's team of 4 $280.00
Mixed team of 4 $280.00
Women's team of 4 $280.00
Men's team of 6 $360.00
Mixed team of 6 $360.00
Women's team of 6 $360.00
Public - 50KM Price
Men's team of 4 $220.00
Mixed team of 4 $220.00
Women's team of 4 $220.00
Men's team of 2 $130.00
Mixed team of 2 $130.00
Women's team of 2 $130.00
Corporate - 100KM Price
Men's Team of 4 $336.00
Mixed Team of 4 $336.00
Men's Team of 6 $432.00
Mixed Team of 6 $432.00
Corporate - 50KM Price
Men's Team of 4 $264.00
Mixed Team of 4 $264.00
Men's Team of 6 $156.00
Mixed Team of 6 $156.00
Your entry fee includes an event tee, a finisher medal, a souvenir baton (one per team), mini-massage and yoga sessions during the day, food and drink as scheduled, access to the race village with sponsor booths, and what we expect to be a really great day out!

20% of the the entry fee from the Corporate category registrations will go directly to Free To Run.

At RaceBase, we are firm believers in giving back to the community.

We are super pleased to announce that we are now working alongside Free To Run.

We give 5% of all profits to this amazing NGO - but we also work alongside them in Hong Kong and offer free places at our events.

For the corporate teams, we know you'd like to make more of a difference, so your entry includes a 20% donation to Free To Run. Start making a difference now!

Running is such a powerful way of bringing people together and out of darkness.

Free to Run’s mission is to use running, fitness and adventure to empower and educate women and girls from conflict-affected communities.

The ability to participate in physical fitness and outdoor adventure is related to important human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the right to health and freedom of movement. In fact, the ability to participate in sport and physical education is increasingly being recognized as a fundamental right in itself.

You can find out more information on the amazing work that they do here:
Time 1 June 2016, 11am - 8pm
2 June 2016, 11am - 8pm
3 June 2016, 11am - 8pm
Venue Key Power Sports
#02-48 Velocity@ Novena
238 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307683

*The shirt design is subject to change.
CHEST 17 18 19 20 21
LENGTH 24 25 26 27 28

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