The Believe B60 Charity Run 2016

  • The Believe B60 Charity Run 2016
03 SEP 2016
Geyland Park Connector

Touched by the difficulties and hardships faced by the under-privileged like the elderly folk and children from broken families, the Warriors decided to elevate their club to a greater cause by volunteering to organize a running event to raise funds for the beneficiaries of the CCSS (Care Community Services Society). 100% of donation raised through corporate and individuals will go to CCSS directly.

B60 believes that it is not adequate to only help the disadvantaged financially; more important individuals and families need to positively transformed in their spirit, heart and mind. Beneficiaries in turn become powerful positive channel of hope for others in the community.

B60 wants to put smiles back into lives of beneficiaries by demonstrating that we believe in them, and that they too can live empowered lives and fulfill their dreams and hopes.

In Believe B60 Charity Run, participants are asked to complete a total of 60 minutes walking or running at their chosen time and pace. B60 seeks to inspire people from all walks of life to believe in themselves and in each other, strengthening bonds in the community.

It’s the only charity fundraiser that invites people to join in without having to pay a registration fee, widening access across the community.


You can register for:

  • 60 minutes fun run or walk
  • 20km Mass Run (CCSS 20th Anniversary Special)
  • B60 Relay Race
  • B60 Volunteers (First aiders, Road marshals & Safety drivers)
For any enquiry, please email:
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