9 April 2017
06:30AM - 08:00AM
66 Kampong Bugis

Use the starter tik-gong# provided from the race pack to contain your teh tarik for every round of Teh. Finish drinking without spilling before heading for each 1km lap. Complete this 4 times and earn yourself the finisher tik-gong. Yes, it’s 4 set of Teh and 1km combo.

Take note that the beverage could be hot. Beware of the tik-gong's sharp edges. We expect every runner to be able to deal with these problems. Please do contact us if you need a short course on how to protect yourself from the tik-gongs.

Categories and Fees

Categories  Early Bird (Register before 15 February 2017) Normal Rate
4 X (1KM + Teh Tarik) $28 $35
1) Event tee
2) Starter Tik Gong
3) Finisher Tik Gong
4) Finisher Prata
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