Singapore Community Games 2017 - Sepaktakraw (Men's)

11 Mar - 21 May 2017
Our Tampines Hub (OTH)

The Singapore Community Games is a multi-sports competition held across the island, bringing sports to the heart of the community and connecting residents of different ages, races and living across estates. 

Through SCG 2017, we aim to develop a strong and inclusive sporting culture, with enhanced social cohesion and community bonding by linking people through mass participation and involvement. 

Registration for Singapore Community Games 2017 opens on Tuesday, 3 January 2017.

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Please stay tuned for more information about the launch of SCG 2017.
  1. When is the registration period?
    Registration opens on 3 January 2017 and closes on 7 February 2017
  2. When is the tournament period?
    Singapore Community Games is held from 11 March 2017 to 21 May 2017
  3. When and where is the tournament draw and team manager briefing?
    The tournament draw and briefing for Team Managers shall be held on 1 March 2017 at 7.30 pm at: People's Association, 9 King George's Avenue, Singapore 208581
  4. Will I be able to edit my team after the tournament draw?
    There will strictly be no replacement or addition of team members after the tournament draw.
  5. How to check which cluster do I belong to?
    The checking for Cluster boundaries is available on the web at
  6. What is the maximum number of non-Singapore Citizens in the team?
    The number of non-Singapore Citizens (including Singapore PRs) who can be registered and fielded is two participants per team except for bowling and sepaktakraw where the maximum is one participants per team.
  7. Can I submit the hardcopy of the registration form?
    Registration can only be done online. There shall be no other modes of registration (eg. email, fax) and any attempts to submit registration via other means will not be accepted.
  8. Where can I find the tournament fixtures?
    The tournament fixture will only be out after the team draw. Please stay tuned to the website for more information.
  9. How do I know if my team is officially accepted?
    Please take note that upon successful registration of the team, the account holder will receive an acknowledge email with "confirmation slip". This electronically generated email serves to acknowledge that the organiser has received the application.

    Participation in a tournament is confirmed only upon the Team Manager's receipt of confirmation email and/or SMS from the Organisers, (according to the email address and mobile phone number indicated upon registration).
  10. Is there any limit to the number of teams that clubs/associations can send per sport?
    There are no limit to the number of teams per sport.
  11. Can any participant register with more than one team per sport?
    If a participant is found to be registered with more than one team in the same tournament for a particular sport, or found to be registered with teams from different Clusters after the registration closing date for SCG 2017, the participant will be disqualified from SCG 2017.  No substitution or replacement of such participant will be allowed.
  12. Are the Team Manager, Assistant Team Manager and Coach be allowed to represent their team?
    The Team Manager, Assistant Team Manager and Coach will be allowed to represent their team as a participant only if they fulfil all eligibility criteria as stated in the Rules and Regulations, and are officially registered as participants.  (Not applicable to Sepaktakraw.  Please refer to Sepaktakraw Rules and Regulations.)
  13. Do I need to pay to register for the tournament?
    There are no registration fee required to take part in SCG 2017.
  14. How do I make amendments to my team after registering?

    You can use the following links to make amendment.

    1. Badminton-
    2. Basketball-
    3. Bowling-
    4. Football 5 a-side (Men's Open)-
    5. Sepaktakraw (Men's Junior)-
    6. Sepaktakraw (Men's)-
    7. Table Tennis-

Please write to or call 62382058 for any enquiries about SCG 2017.

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