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17 JUL 2016


Orchid Country Club

Categories and Fees



1 Apr 2016 - 17 Jun 2016


Package A Package B
U 16 Open Male SGD$49.00 SGD$89.00
U 16 Open Female
17-40 Open Male
17-40 Open Female
Veteran Open Male
Veteran Open Female
Time Programme
7.00am - 7.15am Under 16 Open Female
7.20am - 7.40am Under 16 Open Male
7.45am - 8.00am 17-40 Open Female
8.05am - 8.25am 17-40 Open Male
8.30am - 8.45am Veteran Open Female
8.50am - 9.10am Veteran Open Male


1. Participants have to arrive half an hour before their scheduled flag-off and it will be based on first-come-first-flagged off of each category.

2. Bib time will start when one swimmer is given signal to dive in followed by another swimmer at every 5 seconds interval.

3. Swimmers are required to keep to left side of lane at all time unless overtaking on the right to avoid congestion.

4. Timing indicated above for each category can be changed as & when necessary and all participants will be informed of revised flag off of their details via email.

Email us here or call us at 9199 8690
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