17 Jul 2016
07:00 - 17:00
Marina Barrage

Legs and Paddles is an annual flagship event organized by NUS Canoeing Club to promote a fun and healthy lifestyle. Combining land and sea sports for athletes of all ages, Legs and Paddles aims to convey the message that an active lifestyle can be led by anyone, anywhere.

Legs & Paddles 2016 provides participants with the chance to run and paddle alongside the architectural icons and scenic gardens of Marina Bay, as they take in the breathtaking skyline of our city. 

Categories and Fees

*Loyalty and Early Bird prices are applicable to participants who have registered and paid by 8th May 2016, 2359 hours

^Loyalty prices are applicable to participants of Legs & Paddles 2015 and NUS students only

#1-Star Kayaking Certification is required for competitive categories 

Note that participants are required to sign up with their partner for both competitive & non-competitive doubles categories. 


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NUS Canoeing Club
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