12 NOV 2016
The Promontory @ Marina Bay

Garfield may not be a big fan of exercise — he prefers lie-downs to sit-ups — but the cartoon cat knows the importance of being physically fit — for everyone else, of course!

And while the famously lazy cat doesn’t like to break a sweat, he has been known to race to the refrigerator during a midnight snack attack. You can show Garfield the benefits of regular exercise and join in the fun at the Garfield Run!

This year, Garfield Run will also be helping Cat Welfare Society raise much needed funds to continue its life saving work! Sign up for the run and have loads of fun while saving cat lives!

Categories and Fees

  • Couple Run teams must be formed by 1 male and 1 female participant. Otherwise the team will not be eligible to compete for the prizes.
  • For 3KM Family Package and 1KM Garfield Run For Kids - the adult MUST be the base registrant. (i.e. Please enter the adult’s details first on the Registration Form)
  • Regardless of the number of adults accompanying the child in the family, only 2 timing chips will be given for the base 1 adult and 1 child. Additional adults will not receive a timing tag. The result will be based on the combined timing of the base adult and child. The adult and child must finish the race together.
Please email your enquiries to:
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