Garang Warrior Ultra 2017

20 May 2017
7AM to 7PM
Macritchie Reservoir

Finish off as many 4km loops as possible between 7am till 7pm to determine your Garang Warrior Level

Garang Warrior Level

Garang: 1* to 12 loops (4km to 48km)

Very Garang: 13 to 24 loops (52km to 96km)

Extremely Garang: 25 loops & beyond (100km & beyond)

*Note: The minimum requirement is 1 loop (4km)

Categories and Fees

Registration Categories 


(till 2 Apr 2017)


(3 Apr till 9 Apr 2017)

Solo Garang* $65 $85
Double Garang**


($60 per person)


($80 per person)

*Solo Garang fee is for 1 Garang Warrior
*Sign up with your Garang Buddy for $5 discount per person
**Double Garang fee is total fee for 2 Garang Warriors

1) Fees inclusive of online transaction fee

2) Fees are race-only registrations (Event singlet and finisher pack are not included as they are optional purchases)

1) Garang Warrior Number Tag with Timing Chip
2) Complimentary Bag deposit (non-race items)
3) Complimentary Special Needs deposit (race-essential items e.g sunglasses/cap/nutrition)
4) Water
5) Sports Drink
6) Coke
7) Milo (Hot & Cold)
8) Coffee (Hot & Cold)
9) Ice
10) Watermelon
11) Banana
12) Bread
13) Nutella 
14) Chips/snacks
15) Post-run ice bath for your Garang legs
16) Paramedic & Ambulance
17) E-certificate
Food and drink items are subject to availability 
The above are available at the start/finish (4km mark), but only water/ice is available at the 2.5km. 
1) Garang Warrior Singlet (Mens and Ladies cutting, $15 a piece)
2) Garang Warrior Finisher pack (Finisher medal and tee, $35 a pack)
*These items are NOT included in the basic registration fee as we prefer to give Garang Warriors an option to purchase.

For enquiries, please email   

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