Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon 2017

18 February 2017
Pekan Kiulu Dewan

The 2017 route has been updated compared to the 2016 route to cater for the new start/finish location at Pekan Kiulu and to minimize the use of a road section presently being "upgraded" and undergoing hill cutting with risk of land slides. Outlines of the amended 2017 routes and elevation profiles are provided below together with course details. More detailed route descriptions will be provided to all competitors prior to the race.

The cutoff times have been extended to cater for the slight amendments to the routes in terms of both distances and elevation gains. The Water (Aid) stations are numbered W1 to W10 based on the 100 km course. The 12k, 30k and 50k courses will skip W1 to W5 and go to W6 from the start - please refer to the course maps below.

The updated routes have been ITRA rated for 5 points for the 100k, 3 points for the 50k and 2 points for the 30k routes and a mountain rating of 5 for all three courses. The three ITRA rated courses are also qualifying courses for the Ultra-Trail® du Mont Blanc (UTMB) and other courses using the ITRA course certification for qualifying.

You will note that the accumulated elevation gains in the ITRA ratings are lower than in the course details below. This is due to a filtering process performed by ITRA where they filter out smaller undulations which could be caused by inaccuracies in the measurements.

We have kept them in as we know that many parts of the flatter looking sections have these small ups and downs which can be felt when you are out on the course.

Categories and Fees

Distance  Flag-off timings


Individual Runners


Group Runners (up to 30th December 2016, 10 runners)

12KM 6:30AM RM100 RM900 (save RM100)
30KM 6:30AM RM150 RM1350 (save RM150)
50KM 6AM RM300 RM2700 (save RM300)
100KM 6AM RM500 RM4500 (save RM500)
1) Finisher's Medal (all categories)
2) Finisher Tee (except 12KM category)
3) An official e-cert stating their official time and standing in the event which can be downloaded once the official results are completed.
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