31 JUL 2015

BloodRunner 2015 is Asia's First Werewolf-Themed Urban Obstacle Night Race that features theatrical suprises throughout the 10km route to 'excite and motivate' the participants. The first of its kind, BloodRunner 2015 will be turning Putrajaya into an urban obstacle course set to flag off 5,000 participants when the full moon is at its brightest.

Reasons to howl with us

Fact 1 - BloodRunner is Asia's First Werewolf-Themed Urban Obstacle Night Race.
Yes, that means it's a chip-timed event set over a 10km obstacle course through urban streets and trails in Putrajaya.

Fact 2 - A BloodRunner will be challenged to run, jump, climb, crawl, carry and scramble through urban streets. Our obstacles are designed to get people and communities active, test their athleticism (strength, balance, agility and core) and get them out of their comfort zones.

Fact 3 - BloodRunner will be the most energetic, intense and fun ass-kicking urban obstacle night race set amidst the pulsating city skylines of Putrajaya. Check out our training videos to help you prepare for one helluva night race.

Fact 4 - A BloodRunner will not only cross the finishing line with a great sense of achievement but with a killer appetite! So we have decided to roundup some of KL's most sought after food trucks at the race festival site. Be sure to stick around for the post-race party featuring up-and-coming local bands too!

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