BMSM Kajang Charity Run – Run People Run 2016

25 SEP 2016
06:00AM - 12.00PM
Stadium Kajang

In 2012, Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia (Kajang) decided to renovate its old building due to deterioration of building structure caused by termites, and limited space for activities. Due to insufficient funds, the renovation is divided in to 2 phases. After gathering sufficient funds for phase 1 construction, which is to refurbish the shrine hall, monk's room, marriage registration room, and new office, the construction take place in year 2014. Phase 2 construction started in 2015 which is to build 10 classrooms, a permanent kitchen, toilets and activity area. As of today, phase 2 construction is still in progress, and sufficient funds is needed to ensure the construction to be successful. Run People Run Charity Run is based on raising funds for phase 2 construction and increase health awareness of citizens. As we all know, nowadays students or working adults are always under pressure where they often lead a hectic lifestyle to accomplish their task in order to meet the deadlines. They have to strive harder for success in their academic or workplace and leave them no room for exercising. People always complain that they do not have enough time for exercising due to work overload. However, they do not realize that working hard without proper exercise and rest would lead to more health issues. According to Weir (2011), there is a positive correlation relationship between exercise and mood where exercise could alleviate the level of depression. This shows that active people have higher self-confident and less likely to panic when dealing with problems. With a clear and strong mind, we would be able to pursue our goals towards the achievement. Therefore, we would like to organize a charity run that is not only for good cause but also to encourage the community to lead a healthier lifestyle with a proper balancing between work and exercise.


  • To raise funds for phase 2 construction, interior design and infrastructure of the building.
  • To increase health awareness of the community around Kajang area.
  • To increase the community's exposure of Kajang.
  • To donate a portion of funds to a beneficiary organization.

Categories and Fees

Categories Early Bird Price (Until 18 July 2016) Normal Price
Individual Male 10km RM48 RM60
Individual Female 10km RM48 RM60
Group Registration 10km (4 pax) RM180 RM220
Individual Male 5km RM35 RM40
Individual Female 5km RM35 RM40
Family 5km (Family: 2 adults + 2 children) RM120 RM120


Upon successfully registration, participants will receive the following items, as a part of race kit:

  1. Run People Run Running Tee.
  2. Goodies from Our Sponsors.
  3. Finisher Medal. (To be given upon finish)
  4. Finisher Certificate. (To be given upon finish)

General Inquiry

KY (+60) 012 290 8588

Daimler (+60) 016 203 8804

Email Address

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