YOLO Run 2016 - A Post-Event Review

You Only Live Once is an overused and cringe-inducing motto, but not when it represents YOLO Run 2016 – the first shirtless run in Singapore. YOLO athletes run in the name of charity. In fact, for every shirtless runner (sports bras for the ladies), the YOLO run’s organiser, X-Change Public Pte Ltd, will donate a sports bra to BRAS (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Singapore). In this review, we will get the lowdown of the event last Friday. 

Image Credit: YOLO Run 

A Look at the Race Route  

This year, the YOLO run has both a 5KM casual run and 10KM competitive run, which comes with a medal. The 10KM run started at 7am, a comfortable timing with fair weather, while the 5KM at 8am. On the ground, most runners are comfortable with the location, especially with the picturesque view and even path at the early part of the race.

A loop exists at Marina Barrage, involving a gentle slope going up to the second level and down again. To some runners, it created an additional challenge that made the race a tad longer, and fun.

Travelling to the Starting Point

Some feedbacks, however, were that the starting point might not be the most convenient. A few of the runners alighted at Marina Barrage, having taken the public transport, and had to walk to the starting point.

But for most people, it wasn’t an issue as shuttle buses had been chartered to bring them to the starting point. And many serial runners have had their fair brushes with the issue in other races.

Delayed by a Light Rain

While the 10KM run started without much hitch, the 5KM run at 8am was delayed a little by a drizzle – rightfully, as the report was of an encroaching thunderstorm.

The runners had to head to different shelters, waiting for an update to start the run again.

But thankfully, the rain lightened, and the route reopened again in no time.

Yoga Session after the Race

For many, the race was not the only sought-after element. Runners also looked forward to the after-race yoga session, hosted by veteran instructor, Liv Lo. As runners are given yoga mats right after the race, they can immediately join. This resonated well with YOLO run’s main theme, which was to make participants feel liberated and free. What else other than Yoga would offer that soul-enriching feeling?

Overall Experience

Liberated, feel-good feeling. Check.

Run for a good cause. Check.

Fair weather and scenic view. Check.

Awesome race pack. Check.

Mass yoga to end it off with a blast (or stretch). Check.

YOLO Run 2016 is every bit a run every runner in Singapore should sign up for. As this year’s race is over, you’ll have to wait till next year. In the meantime, go ahead and run shirtless in your local park. 

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