Why You Should Beach Run on Vacation

You probably fantasise your ultimate beach vacay as a lepak session under the sun, with a view of the ocean, against the Mediterranean breeze. While running, a.k.a. anti-lepaking, on the beach is the last thing you think of doing on vacation, here are some reasons why you should.

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You might wonder why you paid for a SGD$1,200 trip to torture yourself, but think about it. In an unexplored land with no drill sergeant breathing down your neck and yelling that his grandmother can run faster than you, it can actually be a liberating experience.

Also, at the risk of sounding unpatriotic, our sunny island isn’t exactly known for pristine and clearwater beaches. Thus, why not make the most out of your overseas beach experience?

Running During Your Vacation

There are merits to running during your vacation. It earns you the cheat days you need to relish exotic local delights, which means you can enjoy all the Bratwursts, gelato, kebabs and seafood grills that you want without feeling like you’ve sinned against thy body.

A holiday being a holiday, you’ve got all the time in the world. Want to extend your run to push yourself a little more? Sure, you’ve got no assignment to Turnitin by 2359! But… what’s great about running on a beach?

Benefits of a Beach Run

More Calories Burned

Running on sand is harder than running on cement (of course, not in the literal sense). Because sand tends to give way underweight, your legs have to push harder to lift themselves off the ground.

Thus, the additional exertion by your muscles mean that you burn more calories. It has been shown that running on sand consumes about 1.5 times more energy than running on a hard surface. Whether this means you can eat 1.5 times as much as usual…

Million Dollar View

What’s greater than an endorphin-boosting exercise session? An endorphin-boosting exercise session with a view. Using a beach as a gym also means enjoying a fantabulous landscape while you work, work, work it.

The scenery can be a motivation to push your stamina to greater limits, or a distraction from inevitable breathlessness and soreness.

Hunk/Babe Lookout

Speaking of great view, a beach also offers eye-candy aplenty. With everyone’s #summerbeachbod looking on point, it’s an opportunity to score with an exotic local that shouldn’t be missed.

Instead of sauntering with shades on and a Bud Light, looking like a perve on the prowl, you’ll be sweeping your radar stealth-mode on while looking like a fit individual. It’s time to put The Playbook’s “looking like character right out of a Baywatch scene” out to play.


Personal Aquathlon

You can also opt to go for a swim in the ocean before the run. Enjoy the waves and the crystal-clear water while you work your upper body with swimming strokes. Alternatively, you can dunk yourself in the ocean post-run to cool the heat off your body, and cool down with a swim.

In Touch With Nature

Running on the beach also allows you to enjoy diverse landscapes that overseas coasts tend to offer in a speedy fashion. This way, you cover more land and see more sights in a shorter amount of time. There are even scientific benefits of being in nature. Such benefits include better vision, enhanced short-term memory, sharper attention, and increased creativity.

“It earns you the cheat days you need to relish exotic local delights, which means you can enjoy all the Bratwursts, gelato, kebabs and seafood grills that you want without feeling like you’ve sinned against thy body.”


Now that you’re already mentally preparing for a holiday at one of the prime beaches, don’t forget about the dos and don’ts of running at the beach. Bon voyage!  


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