Wafuken X LIV3LY UP! Virtual Run

In Singapore, we never run out of options of food to choose and eat from. From your humble hawker fare to the posh restaurants with cuisines from all around the world - Singapore is food heaven! At Wafuken, be spoilt for choice with their customisable menu and sous-vide cooked proteins!

Runners in Singapore use long runs on weekends as a good reason to 'pig out' and feast on good, delicious and unhealthy food like Char Kway Teow, Roti Prata and Mee Rebus! We do damage control on the weekdays by making sure we eat healthily and in moderation so that we can prepare our bodies once again for the weekends. It is like a ritual, or some may call it - a cycle. But what's life without working hard for good food?

There is a way to go around that working-hard part just so you can satisfy your good food cravings everyday without waiting for the weekends though! Still looking to indulge, but eat heathily and at a affordable price? Then look no further but at Wafuken!

Located at Asia Saquare Tower 2 where an atas food court named Food Garden is located, Wafuken positions itself as selling restaurant-style healthy food at affordable prices. The food kiosk is also well-known for their signature 'donburis' or rice bowls in Japanese, coupled with their Sous-vide cooked proteins. 

Sous-vide cooked proteins

Find out more about Sous-vide cooking here!

Do you dread eating chicken breast or steak from other food places because of how dry and rubbery they taste? At Wafuken, you don't need to worry about that. Using high-quality frozen meat like grass fed beef - fuel your training with not only premium proteins, but couple it with other healthy offerings like their exclusive sides to make it a complete and balanced meal. Minimum seasoning is used and food does not contain unhealthy fat or excessive sugar - making their food a plus point for health-conscious runners!

Wafuken's juicy and tender Chicken Breast!

Ala Carte Menu

Runners who dine at Wafuken can also have a choice of customizing their meals as everything at Wafuken is ala carte. Want 5 sides along with that Full Chicken Breast you ordered? No one's stopping you ;). Or if you are feeling lazy and just want something easy but will fill your stomach - then go for the express option with their signature rice bowls at only $4! (Psss, it comes with an onsen egg, your choice of Japanese brown or white rice and garnishing of Yellow & Red Daikon Pickles to top it up)

Each ala carte side costs from $1.50 to $2.50, so signing up for LIV3LY UP! doesn't seem that bad now eh?! Considering that at only $9 per run (5 runs in total), you get to have about $100+ in savings when you not only dine at Wafuken, but purchase a cool new BLITZ XI Sunglasses from Nuke Optics, or bring your date for a night out at the AOMG Follow The Movement concert happening on May 1st 2017!

At Wafuken, you get ONE FREE SIDE of your choice with every purchase of a protein which you can redeem 2 times daily during the LIV3LY UP! period. Now if that isn't savings redefined, then we don't know what else can satisfy you. 

Check out Wafuken's Menu here!

If you are still not convinced after we have written for so long... Then let pictures do the talking :).


*P.S: Wafuken has a new outlet opening in JUNE 2017!!! Just so you can beat the long queues at their current oulet and enjoy some healthy food with lesser waiting time ;)*

Hamburger Steak and Salmon Belly! Yumz

A full Flank Steak with Baby Potatoes, Sweet Corn and Spicy Bean Sprouts! (Left)

Dory coupled with Tomato Pasta, Sweet Corn and Avocado! (Right)

What are you waiting for? LIV3LY UP! TODAY!


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