Track Etiquette: Basic rules to follow

In Singapore, an outdoor track that measures 400 meters in the innermost lane can be found almost anywhere due to our country's initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle. Conquer your fear of the oval, and don't be intimidated by these simple rules to follow.

Ever had someone shout 'TRACK!' at the top of their voice and not knowing what to do because you are on a track 'free for public use'? The fast runners graze pass you, but not without a passing death stare. What have you done wrong to instigate such reactions?

Here's a heads up - everyone has the freedom to be on any part of the track, but it pays to be considerate and kind to other users who are there to use it as well. Below are some basic etiquette that you can follow on the track!

Keep out of Lanes 1 and 2 unless you are running fast and/or doing a speed workout

The innermost lanes are the most accurate and take the shortest time to complete. They are also like the lanes on our expressways. You don't like road hoggers on the right most lanes right? Same concept here. You will be disrupting and obstructing faster runners if you choose to walk/run slow on these lanes, and risk injuries due to collision.

Run anti-clockwise

Unless everybody is running the other direction, stick to this rule. If you are the inquisitive type and want to know why, read this article.

Pay attention to your surroundings

This is pretty obvious. Look both ways, and even behind to prevent collisions, and move out of the way when needed.

Keep single files, but not more than 2 abreast if need be.

It's nice to have a personal pacer when running to motivate you. But there might be faster runners coming from behind, so try to keep the distance between you and your partner short to allow space for them to lap you.

Do not stand still!

We don't have to explain this. Just one word. Collisions. Period.

Avoid running with music

If you really have to, keep one ear free so that you can listen to any incoming runners behind you.


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LIV3LY Editor
LIV3LY Editor

Are you an experienced runner, or just love to write on topics related to running? Contact us. We love to hear how you can contribute!

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