The Runner’s Guide to Athleisure Apparel

It felt like ages ago when outfits for exercise and going out were distinctly different, so mixing one for another would result in rapturous laughter and ribbing from your peers.

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With major improvements in the creative fashion industry, active people can be assured of fashionable athleisure apparel in which they can both dress to impress and break out into a spontaneous workout anywhere, anytime. As this is a relatable scenario for runners, here are a few tips for you to avoid the bandwagon and wear what suits you best.

Covering Up

If you are eyeing snug-fitting tank tops or sports bras, it is worth remembering that not every establishment you go to permits that level of casualness. If you plan to go somewhere more upscale, it is safer to throw in a decent jacket that matches your overall outfit to the occasion. In other words, be aware of your surroundings and dress appropriately.

Fitting First

Athleisure is all about trendy, flashy colours that seem to scream to onlookers around you about how fashionable and sporty you are. That said, runners should already know that regardless of what mix of bright neon colours your running shoes are covered in, they are no good if your feet do not feel right in them.

Instead of prioritising colours overfitting, first ensure that the shoes you plan to buy can support your feet adequately in your quest for mileage, and only then should you focus on aesthetics.

Having a Legging Up

No athleisure outfit is complete with leggings that runners are often seen with. The only difference between yourself and fashionistas is that you know the actual importance of these leggings – not just for the sleek, trendy look, but for their ability to cool you off like all effective mesh apparel. Long story short: pick a pair that best serves its purpose!

"Athleisure walks a fine line between fashion and sports, so the onus is on you to find the perfect balance."


Part of the point of athleisure is that it makes you look trendy when you hang out. Let’s be real – unlike going out solely for the sake of running, you will probably need to carry a bag.

However, if your kind of exercise involves the frantic pitter-patter of feet, you do not want a hand-carry bag that looks like this. Instead, you might be interested in a backpack alternative that can be adjusted to cling onto your body as you run.

Athleisure walks a fine line between fashion and sports, so the onus is on you to find the perfect balance – one that you are comfortable in but does not make you look underdressed.

One that allows you to strut inconspicuously down Orchard Road on a busy Saturday afternoon and hit the running track later in the evening. Athleisure is a flexible and versatile fashion trend, so as long as you have some sense of awareness, you will do okay.


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