The Highs and Lows (and Glow) of Illumi Run 2016

Known by many as the ultimate party run, Illumi Run once again took centre stage last Saturday. This year, it was held at Palawan Green at Sentosa, from which it bathed more than 6,000 runners in bright neon paint. 

Fun Starts with a Splash


A lawn space used to host concerts and located next to the beach, Palawan Green is the perfect place for this year’s Illumi Run. This year, there’re five zones, respectively Cosmic Land, Candy Pop, A Beach Life, Flower Dreams and Neon Rainforest.

On top of that, there was a new concept: a Wet & Wild Neon Slide placed near the entrance for party lovers to seek an additional avenue of fun and feel young again.

The 30-metre inflatable glow slide has lived up to its claim of diving into a “pool of neon happiness”. Crowded as it may be, it was worth the wait as it set runners’ hearts ablaze with the thrill and fun, right till they struck neon water.

7.30pm – Ready! Set! Fun time!

The run flagged off at 7.30pm, and runners reached their first glow zone, Cosmic Land. The psychedelic rainbow displays and glows are mesmerising, no doubt. But candy lovers rejoiced the most, as life-sized candies, amid glow water and sparkles, shone through at the second glow zone, Candy Pop.

From ground-shaking bass to electrifying music that made your hair stand, the third glow zone only left participants wanting more. It was a sandy paradise, with beach balls and neon floats completing the scene.

People strolled and ran on to the next glow zone, where illuminators waited with glow water and aimed those with clean spots on their attires. Here the beauty and dazzling colours of a field of flowers took breath away, as the Flower Dreams displayed its glory as the fourth glow zone.

The 5KM fun run, was in our opinion, too short as participants quickly hit the final glow zone, the Neon Rainforest. The bright rain shower was a stunning display.

Just as the philosophy of Illumi Run is to explore and exceed limits, the non-competitive race sought to undo itself every year – with a climatic party on Palawan Beach. Sought-after DJs let loose wild live music to everyone’s joy, as participants danced to the groove and to another night of nonstop fun.  


The Not So Good

Some participants (and we personally felt the same) thought that there were not enough focus on the long stretches between stations. While Illuminators (as they called people who sprayed you with glow water) were hard at work, they were not enough of them to cover the entire 5KM.

This led to an inconsistent experience that might have been a downer for a few.

The same could be say for the music. It was high, exhilarating and loud…only at the start and the end of the route.  Only the sounds of nature accompanied you through some parts of the race. 

Other not-so-good experiences included lack of sufficient light, something that the glow paint and glow sticks could not overcome alone. This led to some parts being near-pitch black, hurting navigation.

But All is Forgiven

Every race is not perfect. So is Illumi Run.

But we know its organisers seek to better it, with year on year’s improvements (the addition of a neon slide is one such example). I mean, who doesn’t like inflatable slides that glow in the dark?

As 2016 comes to an end, we can only hope 2017’s Illumi Run comes fast enough, with its fresh and loud take of the “party on the run” concept – and feedback from this year’s event. 

And what's our final review on it? It's more high than low, and as loud and brightly "neon" as ever.

LIV3LY Editor
LIV3LY Editor

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