Straits Times Run: A Runner’s Recap

There were heavy showers the night before the run, but it cleared up, and the worry of rain turned into rejoicing in the cool weather.

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The fourth edition of The Straits Times Run in the City 2016 saw a shift from the Singapore Sports Hub, a race pack filled with goodies from various sponsors, a slight drizzle, cooling refreshments from sponsors 100Plus and an exciting post-race carnival.

It was a good race, although some may have felt the new route was overrated. It may be a new route for this race, but it certainly wasn’t so for many other races in Singapore, and they thought it was more exciting running through the dome that was the Sports Hub.

I participated in the OCBC Mighty Savers 5km Family Run, which was a little less ‘hardcore’ than the competitive runs. The participants quite literally came from all walks of life, ranging from entire families with tiny children staying fit and healthy together to bands of grey-haired men and women staying true to active ageing.

Peer support and encouragement were everywhere, and friends and colleagues could be seen running together or yelling ‘Keep going!’ and ‘Go on man, do us proud! We’re all down… I’m winded!’ at each other across the barriers where the race doubled back in a loop, and the two lanes ran side-by-side.

The 5km race went one round around the area, going as far as the intersection of Crawford Street and Nicoll Highway, and ended back at the F1 Pit Building. The 10 km and 18.75 km routes had better views, which went around the entire body of water that made up the Kallang Basin, the Marina Reservoir, and passed through the bay area.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The 18.75 km run flag-off had a slight delay due to the rain, but the 5 and 10 km runs flagged off as scheduled. There was a slight drizzle throughout, but no pouring rain came to dampen our spirits.

To be honest, the rain was probably more of a blessing than a burden, since it kept the weather cool and softened the harsh rays of the sun. We would have been grilling under the merciless hot sun otherwise!


Of course, the sponsors of the race made sure to fill up the race pack with goodies other than providing the basic race singlet. Freebies included a pack of oatmeal, a travel bottle of Shokubutsu body foam and vouchers from various event sponsors. 100Plus and bananas were also being given out at various points throughout the race, and racers were entitled to a free pack of popcorn and cotton candy! 100Plus also gave out free, ice-cold towels for runners to cool down.

Post-Race Carnival

The various sponsors set up booths at the F1 Pit Building, distributing cool gifts and explaining what they did. There were photo booths by 100Plus, Land Rover, and Panasonic, while True Fitness offered anyone who liked their Facebook page a banana.

The Panasonic booth also had a ‘lucky draw’ where participants could reach into a box with many ping pong balls flying around in the wind inside and grab one of them to redeem something.

There were also many yummy food carts set up by food chains like all-time favourite Old Chang Kee, Sweet Monster popcorn ice-cream, Chobani yoghurt and food truck café Coffee Bandits. Lavish Dine was also there to provide us with a second helping of breakfast.

On top of all that, there was also an F1 pit-stop challenge, where racers stood the chance to win an autograph session and pit lane passes for the 2016 Singapore Grand Prix that would take place in the same venue. All they had to do was be the fastest to change the tires of the model F1 car. Even though I didn’t manage to beat the clock, it was still an interesting experience changing the tires of the car.

“The participants quite literally came from all walks of life, ranging from entire families with tiny children staying fit and healthy together to bands of grey-haired men and women staying true to active ageing.”

Overall Experience

All in all, it was a good race. A great early morning workout with many exciting things to do and see, along with freebies that were catered specially for tired runners. Besides, which Singaporean doesn’t like freebies?


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