Race review: Run for hope

Run For Hope (RFH) is an annual run organised by Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, Regent Singapore and the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) to raise much-needed awareness and support for cancer research.The non-competitive leisure run encourages everyone; anyone; young & old to join in the worthy cause and fun!

Every year, the Run For Hope consists of 2 different categories - the 3.5KM Family Run/walk and for those looking for a personal challenge, the 10KM Run! There are no medals awarded to participants who complete either category, however, they can look forward to the post-run activities followed with free flow Vitagen and best of all, the nostalgic Milo Van providing iced-cold Milo! (I drank too much of both, and the toilet bowl was my best friend for the evening!)

Run Route - 10KM

It is another typical and overused route used by almost every event in Singapore - meandering through Marina Bay Sands, hitting Gardens by the Bay and a loop around Marina Barrage, then looping back to the start point. Seasoned and experienced runners grumble about the route, but at the end of it, it is all for a good cause!

Travel to the start point

Travel was made relatively easy with a convenient event location just beside the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes, and a flag-off time of 7.15AM! By then, public transport was already operating, making it convenient and cheap for participants to travel to as the MRT Station was just a stone's throw away.


Volunteers are often taken for granted, especially at the baggage deposit! They are crucial to an event's success, and without them, an event simply cannot function. As always, I deposited a large backpack containing my belonging like post-run clothes and footwear. The experience was seamless as no queues formed and all it took was 3 minutes. After that, I was off to finding my running buddies 15 minutes before the flag off!

7.15AM Flag off

As this was a non-competitive run, there was no stress in squeezing all the way to front of the start pen like I always do for races. My buddies and I decided to ride on this no-stress approach by dressing up to run in our pajamas! To liven up the experience, I brought along my Bluetooth speaker and blasted music along the way - hoping to encourage participants I ran past. Water stations were situated perfectly and in accordance to what was stated on the map, with volunteers working tireless to make sure everyone was hydrated.

One of the best moments of the race? Participants keeping to one side of the race route even though it got narrow at some points so as not to obstruct the public and other faster runners going the other way.

Post-run activities

Besides the free flow Vitagen and Milo that was available once we cross the finish line, there were pop-up booths where everyone had a chance to sample the products like avocado oil and a sweat-proof sports headband! There was even a space with trampolines provided for kids to have fun, while adults queued for the free stuff like the Singaporeans we are. For us 3 'sleepyheads' along with other friends at the event, we were involved in the obligatory post-run photography and 'talk cock, sing song' sessions - something to unwind after having worked out!

Image Credits: David Tan

Overall experience

I would definitely come back next year! Having participated last year for the first time as a participant (not knowing it was a non-competitive race), and this year as an ambassador in pajamas, I certainly had fun. Even though it is a non-competitive event, the prize you get at the end is the innate feeling of having done something for a good cause!
Chang Teck
Chang Teck

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