Lifetrak Zone R420: Fitness Tracker for Athletes

How would you like a fitness tracker that is not exorbitantly priced, and yet possesses many nifty features? Introducing the Lifetrak Zone R420.

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Disclaimer: The writer received a sample of Lifetrak Zone R420 for a product review and adhered to journalistic integrity when he wrote this. 


The Lifetrak Zone R420 is the newest tracker in the series of Lifetrak models. Although the series boasts many useful features such as the famously known long lasting batteries and steps counter, the Lifetrak Zone R420 takes it up another notch. It has included brand new features that have enhanced the whole fitness and health experience, making it such a great buy. 

Are you ready? Here’s a concise snapshot of its features:

Accurate Measurement of Heart Rate

And guess how it’s done? Through your finger. That’s right, you did not read it wrongly. Apart from the dash of novelty, the tracker provides you with the ability to monitor your heart rate throughout the day by pressing a finger on the middle button of the watch. It also accurately tracks your heart rate during workouts via a chest belt.

Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring Through BLE Chest Belt

For the fitness junkie in you, the chest belt (sold separately) is a crucial item to have if you are aiming to hit a particular heart rate zone. This is especially useful to ensure that you not only prevent undertraining, but overtraining as well.

Nifty Tracking Features

Boasting a good arsenal of tracking features, the Lifetrak Zone R420 contains utilities such as a steps counter, calories tracker, and even a sleep tracker as well. One little drawback on the steps counter is its inability to track small steps, so you might have to adjust a little depending on your stride.

A Battery Built to Last and Water Resistant

If you find it a complete hassle to constantly recharge your battery, we have some good news for you. Depending on your usage level, the tracker’s battery can last between 6 months to a year. It is also water resistant up to 30m (90 feet), so no worries if you get the device under a little rain.

Lifetrak App

A cool thing about the Lifetrak Zone R420 is that it’s built to sync with the Lifetrak App. This nifty app allows you to easily track your progress and performance over time – great if you care about how much you have grown. It’s available on iOS and Android, and you can easily find it in the App Store and Google Play respectively. Thus, if you are looking for a digital companion that charts your growth for the long term, the Lifetrak Zone R420 is the fitness tracker for you.

Interchangeable Comfort Fit Band

Who ever said that athletes aren’t stylish? Allowing for interchangeable bands with different available colors, the Lifetrak Zone R420 lets you work out in style. You can match the color of this fitness tracker with your sports outfit of the day!


As a whole, the Lifetrak Zone R420 fitness tracker is in our opinion, a good grab for the features it’s offering given the relatively inexpensive price tag (as compared to other fitness trackers, of course!) The tracker may not be completely perfect but its minor drawbacks are tolerable, especially with the superior features described above.

So now, on to the big question, how much does it exactly cost? Well, Axtro Sports is selling the tracker at the price of S$159, but if you use this promo code: FIT16, you can get it at 5% off! That makes the final price a good S$151.05. Not bad a deal, if you ask us.


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