Learning Your Body Type and the Type of Training You Should Do for Weight Loss

You might religiously follow the exercise routines of others to attain a similar figure. But does an exercise plan for another always work for you?

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When you live in a country renowned for its irresistible local delights (hello, Char Kway Teow, Laksa, and the likes?), it is understandable to be interested in weight loss training. Now and then we do get carried away with sinfully delicious comfort food, only to find ourselves no longer fitting into our jeans.

However, firstly, forget whatever fitness tips that “even the hottest celebrities swear by”. What works for a Calvin Klein/ Victoria’s Secret model may not work for you. Instead, the key is body type.

The Three Body Types

American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon categorised the human physique into three types: endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph. Don’t be thrown off by these Latin-sounding cheem terms; they simply categorise the human body into types based on the associated physical and psychological traits.

Your body type is genetically determined, but muscle to fat ratio can be changed. This means great news for anyone who likes bringing their A-game to ‘Who Has The Fittest Beach Bod’ contests, which is practically every beach social gathering.

So think of your body type as a kind of horoscope; just instead of giving you inaccurate love advice that sends you in the opposite direction of the love of your life, it gives constructive health and fitness guidance.

Don’t fixate too much on that Zack Efron or Adriana Lima body as #fitness goals, though. If your body composition is in a healthy range, there’s no reason to feel inadequate.

Endomorphs - The Ones Who Tend to Gain Weight Easily

Endomorphs typically have a heavier build and wide hips and shoulders. They tend to be naturally chubbier, with the women being typically curvier. The metabolism level tends to be sluggish, and the body stores fat easily. Although they have a harder time trying to lose fat, weight loss is within reach with the right methods.

For endomorphs who tends to be heavier or chubbier around the lower body, an exercise regime that burns calories (as opposed to training strength and involving high intensity) is recommended. This means choosing exercises like walking and biking over rope jumping and weight training.

Endomorphs also need more cardio activity than other body types to lose weight. In addition, endomorphs who are heavy might strain their joints and bones when doing workouts that add pressure to these areas.

Mesomorphs - The Ones Who Gain and Lose Weight Easily

Mesomorphs tend to have a medium build, with broad shoulders that are wider than the hips. They typically are lean, with dense muscle mass. With fast metabolism, they also can lose and gain fats easily. However, it can be difficult to get really skinny due to their relative ease of gaining muscle.

One good exercise type for weight loss for mesomorphs would be yoga or pilates, as these recreations can condition your muscles without adding bulk. Also, circuit training and high-intensity cardio can eliminate body fat and also build muscle. Do avoid working out for more than an hour.

Ectomorphs - The Ones Who Gain Weight the Least

Ectomorphs tend to have long and thin limbs, a light build, smaller waists and narrow shoulders. They typically have lesser muscles and fats. They have a fast metabolism and may find difficulty gaining muscle and fat.

You’d be hard pressed to find an ectomorph that wants to lose weight. After all, they are your friends whose every day is a cheat day and who yet remains slender. Thus, endomorphs tend to want to gain muscle tone instead.

To achieve this, cut down on the cardio and increase resistance training, which helps build muscle tone and bone density. One workout to consider would be swimming, as the human body tends to create fat insulation for skinny people who swim often.

“However, first forget whatever fitness tips that “even the hottest celebrities swear by”. What works for a Calvin Klein/ Victoria’s Secret model may not work for you. Instead, the key is body type.”


Last but not least, take the test to find out which is your body type. Also, you can also consider healthy eating habits recommended for the respective body types to optimise your weight loss efforts. However, it is important not to feel labelled by your body type result. It is your enthusiasm for personal fitness that defines the athlete within yourself. Cheers!


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