LIV3LY UP! : Why we have GPX file uploads

Our recently launched LIV3LY UP! series of virtual runs requires you to go the extra mile, literally - by exporting a GPX file and then uploading it into our system. This article, in the form of a short story, aims to explains the reasons why we do so and there are benefits to it!

The life of Jane & John

Jane, is 24 this year and is holding a full time job as a marketing executive at a local marketing agency. Her job involves her working overtime almost everyday, brainstorming new ideas with her team and making them a reality for her clients in projects assigned to her.

Jane, for her entire life, has mostly stayed sedentary and sees working out as a bane to her very existence. Recently, she decided to change all that and take responsibility for her life and most importantly, her health by planning to work out to tick off one of the items on her bucket list - completing a full marathon. She knows that it is not going to be easy and it requires every ounce of her life force to train for it and attempt it; but she isn't the type to give up easily.

John, her twin brother, lives a contrasting life from Jane. He is currently a student in a local university majoring in sports management. Besides spending his free time working part-time at a food kiosk, studying and hanging out with his buddies, he spends a huge portion of his time training to better his timings in every distance possible; from the 5K to the full marathon.

He is your Albert Einstein to running - filled with immense knowledge of the sport from knowing the mechanics of your running form to scrutinizing the type of running that everybody does, to deciding how hair plays a part in a person's aerodynamic-ness in running.

Recently, John found out that his sister is finally giving up her life of a 'potato' and 'forcing' herself to run by signing up for a full marathon on a whim. He couldn't contain his emotions and started bombarding Jane with running terms and self-help tips - all which seemed like hieroglyphics to her. This discouraged her as she didn't knew that running was so complex, and was on the verge of pulling out until her brother promised that he will be with her every step of the way until she accomplishes her task.

To encourage her, he suggested they sign up for events with a shorter distance to build up to the final event in December so that she has 'experience' dealing with stuff like 'race jitters' and 'runners high'. However, as Jane is constantly bogged down by the stresses of life that is of work, she finds it difficult to commit her time and presence to physical events.

Virtual Run? Can eat one?

All seemed lost until they came across the concept of virtual runs - runs that allowed participants to participate at any time and any where in the world and be rewarded for it - as long as they complete the main objective set out by the virtual run, like for example, running 21KM in one sitting. They started comparing the different virtual runs available in Singapore and around the world, and was contemplating signing up for the LIV3LY UP! Series until Jane came across an obstacle - the need to export a GPX file from a third-party application and uploading it to LIV3LY, instead of just taking a screenshot of their activity. John, an avid user of the different running platforms, fully understood the reasons behind doing so and explained the inconveniences of doing so was worth the time and cost as compared to other virtual runs out there. 

Secret Conversation. Did it really happen?

Jane: Walao, very inconvenient leh! Even though the run is only $9 per run and we can get one medal per run, I don't understand why we need to mafan ourselves by going through so many extra steps to get this GPX file thing-y and upload it to their system! Other virtual runs only need to take screenshot lor.

John: Ya, quite inconvenient, but let me explain to you the long term benefits of doing so! Have you seen the virtual badges that they are offering when we complete ALL 5 RUNS in some particular order?!  You social media queen leh! These badges will be displayed on your LIV3LY profile page and only ONE BADGE can be earned per LIV3LY UP! Series!

Additionally, LIV3LY UP! has some good deals. Did you know that you can redeem free food and even discounts to products & concert tickets? 


Jane: But that still doesn't answer my question of the leceh-ness of exporting and then uploading the GPX file.

John: The reason why they are doing so is because LIV3LY wants to provide more interactive content. It allows you to track your stats - from distance, to speed and elevation just so you can improve your training. So that you can know what went wrong or right during a particular run, and then better it the next time around!

Jane: Sounds legit, still not convincing enough though..

John: To convince you further, our runs are held in conjunction with some physical race events happening on the weekends! You can kill two birds with one stone by earning not one, but two medals by completing the virtual run at the physical event itself!

Signed up for a 21KM and can't find the motivation do run that long by yourself?! Then complete it in an upcoming race so that you reap not only the extrinsic benefits of doing so, but also motivating yourself instrinsically through knowing you can complete what you have set out to do amongst a huge crowd! To make sure I don't bore everyone to death by talking so much and extending this article any further, Sign up todayMAI TU LIAO!


Sign up for LIV3LY's first ever Virtual Run Series - LIV3LY UP! by clicking on the link here!

LIV3LY Editor
LIV3LY Editor

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