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We kick off the month of April with a special feature with social media influencer, student and runner Kevin! Picking up Taekwondo back when he was younger in polytechnic, Kevin is now an avid runner with big dreams and aspirations! Sharing with us his experiences in both sports, he is humbled and inspired by the people who have brought him to where he is today!

LIV3LY: Hi Kevin! Thanks for taking time off to do this with us. First off, why do you run?

Kevin: Hi everyone! I’m Kevin Soh, turning 24 this year and I’m an avid runner. The reason why I run is to keep myself fit, because of food and lastly to break my own limits! Who doesn’t love food? HAHAHA. I run so that I can eat even more LOL!

LIV3LY: What is it about running that keeps you coming back for more? How do you motivate yourself to keep doing what you do?

Kevin: I got into competitive racing in 2015 and I have never regretted it. Running/racing always make me hyped up and I love the feeling of the adrenaline rush. Running makes me refresh, more alert and happy because of the endorphins. I motivate myself by being able to eat after my workout as I’m a FOOD LOVER!

LIV3LY: We see that you have been involved in Taekwondo before you picked up running! What was the catalyst that caused the change of sports?

Kevin: I was involved in Taekwondo back in my poly days where I took it up as my Co-Curricular Activity (CCA). Taekwondo was a sport that I wanted to take back in primary school but I didn’t have the time back then. Taekwondo has taught me a few things; to be humble, determined and persevere on. I would like to thank My Sirs, Chi Chong, and Johnboy and Ma’am Eileen. Thank you for inputting the values in me to make me a better person today!

In fact I took up running back in 2009 where my discipline master, Mr Koh Suan Lam ran 12 hours non-stop to raise funds. I was inspired by him and took up running at that point in time but leisurely.

Back in 2013 when I enlisted, I realised that my running improved quite significantly in the army. I took all my battalion/company runs and intervals session very seriously and when I represented for 3rd Division in the 2014 Army Half Marathon (AHM) I managed to get a surprise PB of 1:40:22! Since then I decided to push myself harder to see what I’m capable of. I would like to thank My OC Captain Daniel Tan, PC LTA Siok and my CSM 3WO Peter Chong for supporting me in my runs during my NS days. Without their support I won’t be where I am today!

Running clears my head of all the stresses in life. There's peace and tranquility to be found in running, and I feel refreshed after every run. It was this catalyst that caused the change in sports. However, I’m still practicing Taekwondo and I hope to go back into the scene of sparring again.

LIV3LY: What are some lessons that you have learnt in both running & Taekwondo that you can apply to life?

Kevin: In life, it will never be a smooth sailing journey. There will be ups and downs. Always remember why you started this journey in the beginning. It is never about winning in a tournament/race, it is all about yourself. The process is more important than the journey.

It isn’t about the mountain. It’s about the climb - Coach Shanmugan.

Breaking limits is what I see because I’m #SOHpossible.

LIV3LY: You train regularly with your friends under the team - Team Run Fanatics. Besides training sessions with them, who else do you usually run/train with?

Kevin: I first got to know Coach Shanmugan from Team Run Fanatics back in 2015 just before I ORD. I was recruited by him as he saw the passion that I had for running. I am very thankful and fortunate for such a fatherly coach and all of my teammates. You know who you are! HAHA. I still train most of the time with them unless I have an appointment or gathering than I would do it alone. Doing it alone sucks because there is no one to go with but it trains you to be more independent and mentally strong. If the mind is willing, the body will adapt!

LIV3LY: What was your most memorable experience in running - good or bad, that has made you the person you are today?

Kevin: The most memorable was the IVP Track & Field Championship 2016. I was supposed to do 10,000M on the track (25laps). My goal was to aim for a sub 40 minutes timing, but I always thought it was impossible. Coach Shanmugan made me realised that if you have the determination and desire it is possible and to my surprise, I managed to achieve the timing! (39:53 official)

One of my worst experiences happened at the Track & Field Series 1 2017. Although it was the same distance of10,000M, I had to mess it up at the 2nd last round thinking it was the last. I was en-route to a sub 38min but the last round cost me a fatal one resulting in 40:17:77
I was very disappointed as months of training gone down the drain; but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Pick yourself up from where you fall and keep trying. One day you will succeed and reach your goals.

LIV3LY: Any goals for 2017, or the near future?

Kevin:I am aiming for the upcoming Army Half Marathon in August! Planning to do a sub 1:30:00 and below. I believe this is the race for me to show how much I’ve grown and changed and also to see how much I am willing to sacrifice.

In the near future, I want to bring down my 10K timing to 37mins and below, 1:25:00 for a Half Marathon and 3:15:00 for a Full Marathon! I know it is not going to be easy but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!!!

LIV3LY: Any advice for beginners looking to pick up running, or sports in general?

Kevin: My advice for them would be to find what you really like doing, be it running or other sports. Don’t be embarrassed to try out different sports - after all you would be the one enjoying! If you can find a group of people who shares the same interest as you, it would be the best thing! They will make the workout/sport more fun and interactive. At the end of it, it doesn’t matter how slow you go, just enjoy the process and have fun! :)


LIV3LY: Kevin is your everyday runner who never stops working hard! We hope that his experiences motivate you to aim and achieve higher!




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LIV3LY Editor

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