I Run Regularly: Why Do I Still Have a Tummy?

Exercising has long been touted as a way to stay healthy and keep in shape, so why do you still have that awkward bump on your tummy?

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There are many benefits to running. On top of keeping fit and avoiding health problems, running is also supposed to keep us in shape. And to some extent, it does. However, some of you out there might look in the mirror and still see a tummy – why does this still happen? Well, that’s because there are many factors to having a flat tummy. Let’s take a look at some other things you could do to get that dream tummy!

Other Exercises

Running helps you to burn calories, but doing other exercises is also important if you want to burn away all the fat around the area. Strength training in general or targeting the abdominal area will help. Strength training boosts your body’s metabolism for the rest of the day, and the muscles you develop will help increase your metabolism as well. This means you are now consistently burning more fat than you usually would, even when you aren’t working out. While you’re at it, you might as well make use of the opportunity to build your abdominal muscles as well, so that when the fat melts away, it will reveal some sexy, perfectly toned six-packs!


The intensity of your regular runs and workouts also affect how many calories you’re burning per session. If it’s only some light jogging all the time, it may make you sweat, and you may feel a whole lot better from the endorphins released, but you’re not burning much. Throw in a sprinting interval session once a week or so! Similar to strength training, these high-intensity sprints boost your metabolism for the rest of the day, going beyond just helping you burn calories during the workout itself.


It goes without saying that to lose weight and burn fat, your caloric intake has to be less than the calories you burn. If you’re one of those who go for a run and feel like you’ve earned a date with half a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, remind yourself what you were trying to achieve by running in the first place. If you’re already sticking to a healthy diet, that’s great! But remember to keep it healthy, so don’t try starving yourself. It isn’t good for you, and, in the long run, diets like those usually don’t work out too well.

…so that when the fat melts away, it will reveal some sexy, perfectly toned six-packs


It’s important to note that many things go into having a toned and flat tummy. You’re on the right track with regular exercise, but typical medium intensity workouts usually aren’t enough for you to be able to see a drastic change. If you want that flat tummy, work on not just developing your core muscles but also getting rid of the fat in the area, so that your core muscles can be seen instead of being hidden under the layer of fat. Good luck!


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