How to Stop Sweating So Much During Your Run

Sweat plays an important role in removing toxins from our bodies, yet, for the duration of a run, our itching skin and general sweat-induced state of annoyance removes any positivity we once had about those droplets of fluids.  

While how much sweat your body produces is innately genetic, there are methods to keep it under control for a more comfortable run.


Laying Off the Spice and Coffee

In a country like ours where spicy food is the order of the day for most, just as much as coffee is — avoid them before a run, especially the latter, drunk by many a runner seeking to kick-start their faculties for the early morning half-marathons. Well, don’t do it. According to Kelley Redboard, a dermatologist from the George Washington University, caffeine and spices stimulate acetylcholine, neurotransmitters in your brain that are responsible for your sweat glands. In other words, consuming either of the two essentially produces more sweat.



One of the common misconceptions about hydration is that the more you drink, the more you perspire. On the contrary, drinking more water helps your body stay cool and therefore sweat less. To further dilute your sweat and therefore smell less (always a useful bonus), guzzle cold water!



Advancements in science have made it possible to artificially manage your sweat production in the form of small, aerosol canisters of antiperspirants. What you might not know is when you should ideally spray them: the answer is at night, when sweat production is at its lowest. This allows the active ingredients in antiperspirants to penetrate your pores to block perspiration in the morning. Some tend to confuse them with deodorants, so be prudent when purchasing. It is also recommended to go for clinical strength variants that contain a higher concentration of active ingredients.


"Our itching skin and general sweat-induced state of annoyance removes any positivity we once fondly had about those droplets of fluids."


In the Mind

Sweating is not only a physical aspect of your body, but a mental one as well. Are you plagued with worries and anxiety? Is stress from your job or studies weighing heavily on your heart? These are a few of the many emotional factors that tend to increase your sweat production. To remedy troubles of the mind, try deep-breathing exercises or other forms of relaxation techniques before your run to keep your mind as calm as possible.


Athletic Garbs

This has been written about in earlier articles, but one of the more natural things you can do is to invest in sweat-wicking athletic clothing, or perhaps even a sports headband. While these do not exactly reduce the amount of sweat you produce, it does however, and more importantly, curb the niggling irritation that stems from letting sweat roll freely down your skin (and under your skin, emotionally).


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