How to Stick to Your Exercise Routine During Vacation

The only souvenirs you should be bringing back from vacation trips are lame t-shirts for annoying cousins, not love handles. However, that can happen when travelling around in a foreign land disrupts your training - that is unless you know how to stick to your exercise routine during vacation.

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When travel plans are extensive and hectic, they can disrupt exercise routines (I know what you’re thinking – no, shopping isn’t a workout). Thus, it’d be wise to know how vacations affect our fitness and what we can do about it. Also, our national love for food will guarantee we wouldn’t be able to keep our hands off any sumptuous and exotic cuisine.

However, a break from everyday mundaneness and waves of work doesn’t mean your fitness should be neglected. It’s great if your exercise routines require minimal equipment, but if your workouts tend to be more dynamic, well… you can’t exactly fit a punching bag into your luggage (not to mention the insane flight baggage fees?).

We can either make ways to stick to our workout programme while on holiday, or we can adopt simpler exercises to substitute activities such as tennis matches and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu spars.

Make Time

When planning your itinerary, do remember to leave time for your exercises. After all, the time within a day is a finite resource that travelling, eating and visiting attractions already take.

This may seem to be a minor detail, but when it comes to travelling, lack of proper time management can result in missing a flight, a train, or a visit to an attraction entirely. After all, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Fitness Sports

Even if you don’t have time to do your runs, you can try planning an active vacation and consider active recreational activities. Take a chance of being overseas to embrace a wider range of exciting workouts that our island-state doesn’t offer.

When countries such as Australia and the United States have such diverse geography, you can easily find biking tours, mountain climbing expeditions, and skiing resorts. The plus side besides an awesome trip/ workout? You looking both adventurous and fit in your Instagram selfie!


You can also try enjoying tourist attractions AND work out simultaneously. Going to the Great Wall of China? Plan a climb. Going to Maldives? Plan a swim out to the ocean, or have a go at free diving. Going to the Cyclades Greek islands? Cycle through the picturesque towns. Of course, you can’t expect to do push ups inside the Louvre museum without being gawked at (the hunky Greek statues do provide some #fitnessgoals though).

Pack Light…Equipment

You can always bring some simple hand weights for conditioning exercises in your room. You can also use full water bottles if you want to minimise luggage weight on flights. Also, a skipping rope is a handy equipment that is small and light, thus easy to carry around.

Just hope that your downstairs neighbour doesn’t come up yelling at you in a foreign language about the thumping. Well, at least you won’t understand any expletives. And can feign ignorance.

Go Simple

Try exploring your neighbourhood by running. When every step takes you to a new sight, wonder and discovery, you can rediscover the joy of running along the streets. That is unless you’re at the last mile and the only things that attract you are cool glasses of drinks in the hands of others.

Or, you can also try some calisthenics exercises! All you might need is a chair for dips, and a wall for push ups and sit ups (which I’m sure your hotel has).

You might consider bringing some cash in case you get lost and need a cab ride home. Should language barriers prove strong and you find yourself frantically running after sundown still in search of your hotel… at least that’s quite the extra workout.

“Ultimately in the midst of the fun and relaxation, let’s not forget the very core of fitness – self-discipline.”


Alternatively, you can focus on eating healthy during your vacation. Ultimately in the midst of the fun and relaxation, let’s not forget the very core of fitness – self-discipline.


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