How You Can Run Into Your Potential Partner While Running

If the only things you see when running are the metres ahead, you might want to readjust your radar. Keep your eyes peeled, because if you look around, you might just run into your future partner while running.

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Before you start to give yourself a nosebleed trying to calculate the statistical probability of literally running head-on into your dream partner during a run, hold your horses. Or a tissue up your nose, if it is already too late.

To give you an example, 5K runs are cited by a dating expert as one of the best places to meet singles. What’s not to love about going home with a medal, in a better shape and with a cute stranger’s number? If the only dates you get are mobile phone updates, perhaps you should read on to find out more on how you can spice up your single life.

How Does This Work? Running is Me-Time

In fast-paced, expensive Singapore, you probably have little time to look out for potential partners in typical places like bars and lack serious cash to buy others drinks constantly too.

You’re also probably fed up of meeting Selfie Gods when dating online. But how does this work when running is me-time?

You may ask, “What’s so romantic about running?” Not the sweaty armpits and messy hair, that’s for sure.

It could be precisely that unglamorous nature of running that creates an edge, by allowing each party to focus less on appearance or atmosphere, and more on each other. I mean, it’s not “romantic ambience” that will stay up late with you watching Game of Thrones when you’re feeling blue, right?

Perhaps there’s something very organic about meeting a person on a run. Although – or precisely because – running is an inherently individual sport, any company over the distance becomes magnified. And if the other person seems even remotely interesting to you, chances are, you might just develop a healthy post-run crush!

How Do I Know He or She Is a Potential Partner?

Similarities attract as well as opposites do. If you meet someone during a run, it shows that you two already have a shared interest in sports. It guarantees both of you something to talk about with passion, as opposed to faking interest in a topic that makes running barefoot on sharp pebbles seem appealing.

A common hobby also means that you can spend time bonding over the thing you both love. Cheering each other on can also fortify the relationship. If you think about it, running is kind of like dating - it’s about matching each other’s paces.

So How Can I Actually Meet Him/Her?


You never know if someone who caught your eye is “The One.” However, there’s no need to imitate a damsel in distress to get attention, whether you’re from Venus or Mars. Instead, try approaching the other person with some simple questions, like where the water cooler is or what time the stadium closes.

You can take the game a step further by asking them for recommended drills for beginners, and receive a personal guiding session! You will at least come off as an innocent passerby, which helps to save face if your advances are unwelcome. Whether or not you want to make this a ‘playbook’ move... is entirely up to you. Just be creative and enjoy how things go!

Romantic partners don’t just fall from the heavens, but they might just run into your jogging path.

Compliments are Complimentary

A rain of compliments can brighten up anyone’s day. Their stamina, shoes, outfit… Anything can be complimented on! Compliments are as free as 100 Plus at marathons, as opposed to wallet-burning exotic flowers. Well, unless you pluck ixoras from the pavement and risk being fined, or worse, branded as cheapskate.

Perhaps pick-up lines could take a back seat here – he or she is definitely tired from all the running, and these might not be the best perk-me-up comments. So stay cool and don’t be shy to drop a line of “Hey, I noticed you’re a really good runner!” in a heartbeat.

Two Hearts, One Pace

If you have been jogging side by side with someone you can see yourself with for the past 10 minutes, why not just say hi? If two complete strangers share the same pace, consider that a sign of the universe trying to literally put you both together.

As long as the pace is relaxed, light conversation would be a good start. Don’t forget to test the waters, in case you come on too strong and your ‘creep-factor’ becomes the gossip of the neighbourhood. However, one man’s pace may very well be another man’s poison, in which case you might be ill-advised to strike up a conversation!


Romantic partners don’t just fall from the heavens, but they might just run into your jogging path. Keep your hopes up and eyes open, and one day you might just get to tell your kids the sporty way of how you met their father/mother. Love is always in the air if you choose to see it even amidst the thickest seasonal haze.


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