How Running is Bringing Sexy Back in 2016

2016 should be called the year of running. With more races in 2016 than ever before, expect more hype, fun and highlights from this year’s running scene.

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FYI, if you haven’t noticed the rising number of marathons being held in Singapore, we’re judging you (okay, not really). In fact, Singapore isn’t alone. Many countries around the world are experiencing a boom in marathon running.

According to RunRepeat’s study on marathon performance across nations, the overall growth in marathon running was 13% from 2009 to 2014, with Russia leading the increase by a whopping 300%, and China by 259%. Other regions and countries have experienced a relatively smaller growth, such as Asia (92%), USA (14%) and Europe (10%).

Global Running Scene

There are some interesting developments in countries experiencing a surge in marathon running.

In China, where you can join the world famous Great Wall Marathon, the trend is so significant that it has presented attractive business opportunities for tourism and commercial brandsIn France, the surge in running lies partly in its relative affordability, when compared to the high gym fees in Paris. Across the world in America, there is a rising popularity in 100-mile runs and a new trend of racing on every continent. If this isn’t hard-core enough for runners who crave greater intensity, we don’t know what else is.

Local Running Scene

The history of Singapore’s running scene spans from its rise during the Kampong Era of the 1920s till today. Singapore has seen transformations in sports fashion and emergences of different marathon types over the years. Just like the definition of sexy, the narrative of Singapore’s running scene will continue to evolve over time. While 2016 will see the reprise of established runs like The Straits Times Run, National Vertical Marathon, and Sundown Marathon, it also sees new running concepts being integrated into the Singapore running scene.

Snoopy Run (5K), 24 April 2016

Here is a run that can satisfy your fondness for the Peanuts gang. This first ever Snoopy-themed fun run in Singapore is open to anyone above the age of five – making it a perfect event for families and fans of the franchise. The Runner Pack includes a Snoopy-themed medal, special edition postcards, Charlie Brown’s iconic bag and Linus’ famous blue towel. Not everyone may be familiar with the gang but hey, a giant Snoopy to be featured makes a great Instagram post!

Spartan Super (13K), 7 May 2016

The Spartan Race was first held in Singapore in 2015 and this year’s race brings you the Spartan Super, an obstacle course race that involves a 13-kilometre run. The race is most likely as brutal as its name suggests, as it is designed to push participants to their limits and nurture personal strength. In this quest to best your limits, the 30+ obstacles are sure to bring out the warrior in you.

Bubble Glow 5K, 21 May 2016

First held on New Year’s Eve 2015, this year’s Bubble Glow run will take place in the evening at the spectacular Gardens by the Bay. Along the route, runners may enjoy not only the beauty of the flora, but the glowing UV bubbles as well (which are totally safe, btw). A musical carnival also awaits you at the finish line so don’t go home right after! This is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual “let’s go eat” ritual.

Batman V Superman Run (5K), 26 June 2016

Yes, you read this right! The ever iconic superheroes of the DC universe will be featured in an upcoming fun run. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of Gotham’s billionaire crime-fighter or the red-caped, laser-eyed Kryptonian, as the ultimate showdown is most likely between yourself and the finishing line. Thus, if you’re a die-hard DC fan and exercise is not your kryptonite, this might be a run you don’t want to miss.

"Just like the definition of sexy, the narrative of Singapore’s running scene will continue to evolve over time."


As for the future of Singapore’s running scene, few can say it’s definitive. After all, few fads stay ‘sexy’ for long. But for now, you can get ready to block out more than just a few dates in your calendar.  


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