For Flat-Footed Runners: Should You Be Wearing Insoles?

You’ve probably heard about being at higher risk of injury or experienced pain while running. Insoles have been touted to help. But do they?

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You would have probably run into people claiming that injury and pain, while running, walking or even standing, are caused by flat feet. The same people will then tell you about how, with proper support, all of that can be fixed. More often than not, they also happen to be insole salespeople. However, it all sounds so logical and correct. Is it just a money-making scheme that won’t make a difference?

Do Insoles Help?

The simple answer is yes. The thing about flat feet that causes all the pain and injury is overpronation. This is when the feet roll inwards more than it should when you walk or run, thus straining your ankle muscles and tendons. What most insoles do is to provide support mid-foot to stop you from overpronating. For those with high-arched feet, the cushioned insoles provide support to stop you from underpronating. So yes, insoles should help to relieve you of your running pains. However, they only provide temporary relief. Being flat-footed is not necessarily a bad thing, and you should learn to take advantage of it. But for the time being, insoles can be used to relieve pain, or slowly set you on the right track.

How Do You Choose Them?

There are many kinds of insoles, from the custom ones costing a few hundred dollars and the over-the-counter ones that go as cheap as $7. So, which ones should you go for? The custom-made kinds are moulded to your foot by a podiatrist to serve a very specific function, which is to correct only your foot to fix the particular problem that you have.

The over-the-counter kinds, on the other hand, are mass produced and not specifically moulded to fit your feet. It can still affect your running, and will still have an impact, but it does not mean that it will work as well as the custom-made kinds or that it will even help you. But considering how expensive custom-made insoles are, you should evaluate for yourself how bad the pain is.

Are There Alternatives?

Flat-footed runners are not a rarity. So, not only are companies trying to jump on the bandwagon to sell shoe inserts, but sports shoe companies are also beginning to look into making shoes that provide more support on its own.

Some types of shoes also look to train you to take full advantage of having a low arch by spreading the load to more areas of your feet, thereby reducing injury. Therefore, not only can you save yourself money from buying insoles, you can learn to run more efficiently, too!

“But considering how expensive custom-made insoles are, you should evaluate for yourself how bad the pain is.”


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