Common running shoe mistakes

It is that time of the year again when you hunt and search for a new pair of running shoes! Just like there are mistakes you can make in running, you might be guilty of making these mistakes while choosing a pair of running shoes too! Does any of this sound like you?

I should buy the latest and innovative shoes because of the technology and research!

It is true that new technology has been used into building those shoes and there is indeed going to be a difference to how we feel when we run in them.

However, all of us are unique individuals with unique body characteristics. No two persons are built the same - and what feels comfortable and ideal for one would feel tight and rough for the other. It would be a start of many injuries to come if you do not find comfort and adapt to the shoes. Our advice is that you stick to shoes that have similar designs and support as the ones you are already comfortable with.

I wear the same shoe for everything lor... Save money.

Please do not do this to yourself; especially your legs. Running shoes are called running shoes for a reason - and they should be used solely for that purpose. By using your shoe as an all-purpose one, you will definitely wear it out faster than what you would expect of a running shoe.

For example, you don't expect yourself running in Macritchie wearing slippers right? (Unless you are hardcore, please don't). 

In another example, walking shoes generally have lesser heel cushioning due to the lwoer impact from walking as compared to running. Sure, you're comfortable, but at what expense? When it comes to injury prevention, the saying goes:

Penny wise, pound foolish.

I am a Size XX for this brand, so it should be the same size for the other brand also!

Different brands originate from different countries and cater to different markets. What may fit perfectly for you in one brand would feel like ballet shoes in another brand. In addition, different models of shoes are built different because they serve different purposes to aid running. 

Running shoes generally try to follow the universal shoe sizing code, but vary across different models. For example, a certain brand of shoes is known to have narrow toe boxes as compared to another brand. If you are used to the latter, you may find that shoes from the former's brand would feel exceptionally tight. 

It is always important to try them out first and when possible, test them out on treadmills provided in the shop. Purchasing online serves another challenge of intangibility at the point of purchase - but can be counteracted through readily available shoe reviews. The trick is to make sure you're well informed and educated before making that online purchase. 

All models are the same la.. Marketing gimmick, just get me a shoe - it's still a running shoe.

Shoes have different models for a purpose. As runners, we all have different feet and run in a unique way. 

Over, under and neutral pronation are some of the common terms used by runners to know how your feet lands when you run so that they can find shoes that fit them.

For a example, a certain brand offers stabiility, cushioning and neutral shoes to cater to runners with different pronations. You have to find and get a model you are comfortable with and can adapt to easily to prevent injuries from happening

Wah 50% off XX brand shoes leh! Mai gong bojio, I buying 3 pairs!

Yes, sales are irresistable and we have all been there. Shoes that are on big discounts are usually shoes that have been kept in the shoe for long time though. Adding to that, the cushioning of those shoes would have been subject to deteoriation even when not utilized - especially in Singapore's heat and humidity. Furthermore, shoes have shelf life too! You won't expect glue and thread that holds the shoe together to last forever, and shoe degradation will occur.

In summary, whilst comfort, price, saving room space and technology are some factors you consider when purchasing shoes, it is essential for you to also choose the right type of shoes for your feet!

LIV3LY Editor
LIV3LY Editor

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