An Interview with Zhi Feng: Making time to run, not finding time

Recently, we managed to catch up with Zhi Feng, currently working as a software engineer. He seems like a quiet person, but secretly, he's a fast runner as well! His humble personality has brought him to respectable timings in marathons, and he shares how he applies what he has learned through running, to work, as well as to life.

LIV3LY:  When did you start running and what made you decide to start?

Zhi Feng: I started running back in my polytechnic days when I was training with the Biathlon Team. I only begin to find passion in running during my university days when I started to run more to improve. Since then, running as been a part of my life.


LIV3LY: We heard that you are working as a software engineer. For a job that requires long hours of work, how do you fit running into your schedule?

Zhi Feng: I guess planning my schedule ahead of time and time management are how I am able to do it but I am also fortunate to be able to have most of the evenings off from work.

When I just started working, I attempted a few ways to incorporate running into my schedule. For instance, I used to run commute home from work for a period and then I switch to running in the pre-dawn before work. Now, a couple of my runs are back in the evenings so that I can run with my friends.


LIV3LY: What is it about running that keeps you coming back for more?

Zhi Feng: Running has allowed me to find inner peace, reflect and also relieve stress. Over the years of running, many friendships have been forged and I have gained insights and inspirations from these people who come from all walks of life.

Most importantly, running has kept me healthy and also allowed me to indulge in my cravings without worrying much about putting on weight.


LIV3LY: What are some of the things that you have learnt after running for so many years?

Zhi Feng: Running has taught me many valuable lessons about life. But one lesson that I truly believe in is that consistency and commitment can bring a person very far in life in all aspects, be it in a career or personal goal. Running has also taught me to enjoy the journey, embrace the tough times and appreciate the destination.


LIV3LY: What advice would you give to people who struggle to find time to run, or even exercise?

Zhi Feng: In this fast-paced society, it can be tough to find time to exercise. However, there are also many ways that we can inject a short exercise regime into our daily schedule. A lookup on the internet can find you articles and ways to do it.

One simple way of doing it is to alight a few bus stations earlier and then walking to your destination. If the distance is too far, a bicycle can be used.

We all have different schedules and commitments so I would advise people to start by using the trial-and-error method to find a way that suits them best. Definitely, the initial phase will be tough and there will be times when you feel like giving up. But please persevere through and you will eventually have the taste of sweetness that comes after bitter.  


LIV3LY: Well said, Zhi Feng! We wish you all the best in your running endeavours!

LIV3LY Editor
LIV3LY Editor

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