An Interview with Rosalie Serrano

We recently interviewed Rosalie, who shared with us how she started her running journey. Hint: she finished her first official race without any prior training. How did she get that determination to take the plunge? Read on to find out!

LIV3LY: Hello! How will you introduce yourself to LIV3LY’s community of runners?

Rosalie: Hi, I'm Rosalie Serrano, 37 years old. I'm currently working in a retail company as a supervisor. Standing 8 hours a day is not easy but if you enjoy your job, you don't feel tired.


LIV3LY: Do you have any other interests besides running?

Rosalie: Aside from running, my other passions are swimming and hiking. I'm not a city girl who likes to go shopping or to go to the city. I love places of nature and adventure. Engaging in these interests makes my life very meaningful despite my daily job.


LIV3LY: What inspired you to start running?

Rosalie: Actually, I never imagined that I will love and embrace running, because initially I have never liked running. If I saw some people running under the sun, I would have told myself that I wouldn’t do that. But one day back in 2014, one of my friends asked me to join their running group to run in a famous race here in Singapore.

I got curious and agreed, never having thought of the consequences of what’s going to happen to me without prior knowledge of and training in running. This is my very first race; and its 10km. But before the race day, I was going to work at around 11am with the sun up high when I saw an uncle. He is perhaps around 70 years old, and he is running under the scorching sun with his old top, shorts, and a pair of worn-out shoes.

While I was inside the train, that scene set me thinking. I thought to myself, if he can run like that, then I can too. That uncle became my inspiration to start running. He taught me that if you love your passion as a runner, you will survive.

Needless to say, I finished my first 10km run. From the run, I even made my first running buddy, who braved the race despite being sick. We started embracing running together, and till now we still join races as a duo.


LIV3LY: How do you stay motivated to run consistently and put running as a priority in your life?

Rosalie: To be honest, staying motivated to run consistently is one of my greatest challenges. It isn’t easy for me to wake up early in the morning to do my run. I also don’t do night runs as a matter of preference.  

However, to push myself, I constantly set goals, because if you have goals, you will have the determination and motivation to finish them. The personal messages that I have received from my Instagram followers are my driving force as well. They are very encouraging; some of my followers have even mentioned that I inspire them. This has helped me to put running as my priority too.


LIV3LY: When the going gets tough while running, how did you spur yourself to finish the run?

Rosalie: I relax my mind and talk to myself. Some of my mantras include, "Calm down, relax, you are near to the finish line already.” Sometimes, having the mere thought of eating ice cream after my race helps to spur me as well. Even the race official who shouted "you can do it!" was energizing and provided me with the extra grit to finish the run.  


LIV3LY: Any practical tips that you found useful for yourself as a runner?


  1. 50 reps of squats before morning shower and 50 reps of squats before I sleep
  2. 100 reps of jumping rope workout in the morning or night
  3. Eating my favourite food helps - sweet potato and banana in the morning and 1 apple at night


LIV3LY: Looking back on your journey as a runner, what is your best advice for someone who wants to embrace running?

Rosalie: The best advice that I can give is that when you start running and you feel that it’s difficult, don't stop. Just continue because nothing starts easy.

We will experience some struggles before we achieve what we want. Running is like a job; if you don't enjoy your job, you will want to quit every day and facing your customers becomes so difficult.

Running is the same; try to enjoy the process of running. If you always have the perspective that running is so hard, then you will never enjoy running. You will not want to run, and eventually give up running when laziness takes hold.  


LIV3LY: That is some great advice for runners who are starting out. Thanks Rosalie, and we wish you all the best in your future races!


LIV3LY Editor
LIV3LY Editor

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