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Here's to celebrate our 3rd month of 'Feature Sunday'! Amir, or friends around lovingly address him as 'Mutton', is your average, everyday lifestyle runner. He shares with us his passion for running, and how he dedicates that love to his job, alongside with giving back to the running community!


LIV3LY: Let's start off with a simple question - tell us more about yourself! 


Amir: Hi! My name is Amir. I am 25 and just an average joe who has a love for running and somehow manages to work at a place where he can share that love for running.


LIV3LY: When did you start running, and why?


Amir: In 2012! I was actually kind of into sports but when I was in polytecnic, I was actually becoming lazy. That was when my mum advised me to start exercising. At that time, my little brother have completed a few 10km races so I decided to do one myself. I thoroughly enjoyed it and then National Service came along to further strengthen that joy for it.


LIV3LY: Who do you usually run with?


Amir: I either run alone or with my friends from Running Department on Wednesday and Saturdays.


LIV3LY: How do you find time to run amidst a busy schedule?


Amir: Since I have flexible working hours, I can easily fit my runs in before work or after work before classes. That often means waking up at 6am and getting a run in while the weather is still good or starting my run around 4 to 5pm and praying for the heat and humidity to be nice.


LIV3LY: What do you find most rewarding about running?


Amir: Eating with old and new friends after a long or hard run! It's always during this 'makan' sessions where you learn and share experiences regarding running or life that you tell yourself: 'Yeah, it feels nice to be in the company of such people'


LIV3LY: What's the most unforgettable moment in your running life?


Amir: In December 2016! Started the month by being a pacer for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, and ended the month running my first ultra-marathon in the annual MR25 Ultra-marathon. Being a pacer is a blessing because to be able to give back to the community and help others always leaves that feel good feeling. Running the ultra was a redemption to my ego that I can do long distances, because earlier in the year, I didn't manage to complete the full distance at the Sundown Marathon. But what felt good was the camaraderie shown between runners and the support from the volunteers during races - be it as a pacer or a participant!


LIV3LY: What are your goals for 2017? 


Amir: Personal Bests are always nice! Haha. I think I wanna do more trail races and maybe even do an overseas race. Personally, hoping to get a girlfriend so I can jump on that annoying bandwagon called #relationshipgoals HAHA


LIV3LY: Join Amir and Running Department every Wednesdays and Saturdays for their weekly runs!


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