A letter to our non-running friends

Dear friends, I write this letter to you not because we can't be friends anymore, but because I dread getting asked the same question over and over again. I hope the points below strengthen our ties, and may you pick up running to know the pains that I go through!

No late nights out!

As runners, we require our sleep - all 8 hours of it! We can't possibly hang out into the wee hours of the night and have the luxuryof sleeping in over the weekend. We are still friends and I enjoy my time together with you, but just like you have your own priorities in life, mine is a long run early in the morning! You don't want me to be a moody and grumpy person just because I will miss my morning run. I hope that we can schedule meetups in advance too, so that I will at my best when I meet you.

You don't have to run to be my friend

No, you don't have to run to be my friend. I love you the way you are even though you hate running and everything related to it. I like how you complain and be amazed when I complete an 'easy' 5KM run, but likewise, I get amazed how you can do something I can't do easily! Like they say, opposites attract :). 

A marathon is 42.195 KILOMETRES of pain and glory

A marathon is 42.195 KILOMETRES of pain, sweat, blood and tears. It doesn't matter if you took 3 hours or the maximum cut off time, you went through all 42.195KM of it. NEVER participate in a 5KM or 10KM event and say that you have completed a 5KM Marathon. The distance is stated in the event website and listing for a reason - 5KM means 5KM, not a 5KM Marathon! We can forgive you if its your first time in an event, but the worst crime you can commit is saying you completed a marathon even though the official distance stated is a 5KM/10KM run. 

You may say it is an ego thing and we take things too seriously, but sometimes, it's more about being passionate about what we do and educating those who have made mistakes.

We don't win easily in races, but that's fine

"Did you win?" No, we didn't. But we did win smiles, memories and experiences that would last a lifetime. We did win and made some new friends along the way too! Participating in events for a majority of us, is not just so we can beat each other, but that we can be with each other. Sure, winning a prize is nice, alongside with all the attention. However, it isn't a waste of time and money being in race events because at the end of it, it is the intrinsic motivation and personal satisfaction where we score our own victories.

We run for many different reasons, sometimes none.

We hope you can understand why we run too! It's not just one easy answer. We run for health. For family. For past and future. Ourselves and the community. Sometimes, even for no reason at all because at the end of a bad day, there's a lot of satisfaction and endorphins to go along with saying: "I have ran, everything's good and life goes on".


Frustrated Runner

P.S It would please us to the moon and back if you picked up running or sports for that matter! Not only does it do you good, but we can take our relationship to another level!

LIV3LY Editor
LIV3LY Editor

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