8 Fundamental Run Workouts Every Runner Should Know

Running gurus will tell you: if you are serious about running performance, doing regular mundane runs aint gonna cut it. As a runner, agility, speed and strength training through the use of specific workout routines or exercises are just as important.

That is why in this article, we talked about mixing up your training regime for greater performance. Here, we have gone on to expand that list for you to include eight more curious workouts you can experiment with. The better to take your running to the next level.

Running Straights and Walking Curves

Do not run instantly. Start by walking for about five minutes to warm up your body. Once you have done your five-minute walk, start running through the straight stretches of the track and then walk the curve parts. Repeat for two rounds around the track.  Once your fitness improves, you can start increasing your running speed and the number of rounds.

Doing this will get your body accustomed to running faster for a given period. It will improve your speed and is thus a fundamental build-up to more advanced sprinting workouts.

Gear Shifting

Another workout that can help improve your speed is the gear-shifting workout. This specific workout has three levels: easy, medium, and fast. Start with the five-minute warm up and then shift to the three levels. The easy level involves a conversational pace. Here, you can do this with a buddy and engage in light conversation for about two to three minutes. After which, begin shifting towards medium level. This will involve a faster pace but not to the extent of strenuous running. You can still exchange two to three words with your buddy at this point. Finally, after a few more minutes, it's time for the fast level. This pace should be even faster than your medium level but not to the point of sprinting. Having a conversation is no longer ideal at this point as you need to focus on your breathing.

Doing this will promote fitness, calorie burn, as well as elevate your heart rate. According to Susan Paul, an exercise physiologist, It makes running fun and ups the intensity. It's like adding spice to a recipe. If you're aware of your running pace, you can control your effort based on the distance and the purpose of the workout or race. If you mix up your paces, you recruit different muscle fibres and some different muscles. You get more balanced out.

Lateral Speed Running

This workout strengthens your hip abductors. At the same time, it also works out your core. To do this, you have to stand on your feet (hip-width apart) and with arms on your sides. Next, hop to the right and land on your right foot. The left foot should be behind your right foot. Maintain your balance while doing this. Then, while in this position, simultaneously swing your left arm forward and right arm backwards. Go back to your starting position and repeat the same steps with your left foot.

If you are serious about running performance, doing regular mundane runs aint gonna cut it. As a runner, agility, speed and strength training through the use of specific workout routines or exercises are just as important.


Strong abdominal and lower back muscles help to enhance your running performance and reduce the risk of injury. According to Matt Fitzgerald, the best core exercises for runners are those that mimic the specific ways the core muscles are required to work during running. Planking is one of those great exercises that help you achieve this.  

To increase the intensity of this exercise, try performing different kinds of planking positions, including the inchworm plank, sidewinder plank with leg lift, plank pups, and plank rotations.

Squat-thrust Climbing

Doing squat-thrust climbing is easier said than done, but the rewards are considerable. It helps to strengthen your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings key muscle groups for any runner.

Start in a standing position with feet close together and arms at your sides. Then slowly squat down to the floor, keeping both your knees close together while placing your hands on the floor with shoulder-width distance. While doing this, keep your abs tight and proceed to jump backwards to a push-up position. After which, get your legs running under your chest for five seconds. Make sure to keep your hips low. Jump forward to the squat position and back to your standing position. Repeat as many times as you can.

Scorpion Fighter

The scorpion fighter workout is good for your shoulders and core. It is also great for stretching your oblique and hip flexors. This workout can be done in three steps: firstly, mimic the push-up position, but keep your feet on a bench or a chair rather than on the floor. Secondly, focus on bringing your one knee beneath your body and towards the opposite shoulder. Thirdly, reverse the second step by pulling your knee back, then rotating your hips up and stretching your foot towards your opposite shoulder. Repeat this for 30 seconds. Do the same for your other knee.

Windshield Wiping

This exercise is great for your upper back and abs.  You can perform this by lying on your back with your arms spread wide and your palms facing down. Thighs should be perpendicular to the floor, and your knees must be bent 90 degrees. Slowly swing your legs to the left side of your body, making sure that your back maintains contact with the ground. Subsequently, bring your legs back to the centre. Do the same for your right side. That is one rep. Repeat for three sets of 10 reps each.

Overhead Lunge

If you have a pair of dumbbells ready at home, or if you intend to hit the gym, this workout is for you. Start by holding a pair of dumbbells straight above your shoulders. Keep your arms straight and elbows locked. Next, take a step forward with your right leg, and lower your body until your front knee is bent 90 degrees. Revert to the starting position, and repeat with your left leg. That's one repetition. For a start, you should aim for 6 to 8 reps per leg and a total of 3 sets each.


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