8 Fabulous Socks for Runners

You’ve optimised your running steps and gotten the best-soled shoes. But did you know that your socks are equally important for running?

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They say go hard or go home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your feet the tender, loving care it deserves.

As a runner, you probably spend considerable time pondering which brand and type of running shoes can bring the best out of your workout. Why should it not be the same for your running socks?

After all, as what stands in between your feet and your $199 Nike Lunarglide, socks are just as important as running shoes. The differences between socks designed for running and ones bought just for the design (yes, those cute animal print socks) are the comfort, protection and support for your feet.

In fact, the process of choosing a sock is more than just selecting your size and favourite colour. Here are some socks worth giving a try.

Two is Better Than One – Wrightsock Fuel Low

This tends to happen too often - constantly bending down mid-run to adjust your socks, which of course have slipped down for the 99th time in the past hour. It’s a hassle, yet it gets too uncomfortable to ignore. Perhaps you could try the Wrightsock Fuel Low. It comes with a Stabilizer Zone that helps to keep the sock in place. On top of that, the socks’ double layers provide double the cushion and double the comfort!

Best of Both Worlds – Performance Graphic No-Show Socks

If you prefer established brands and love socks with visually satisfying designs, consider Adidas’ Performance Graphic No-Show Socks.

The all-over graphic print pairs minimalist design with attractive colours. It is catered to unisex training and comes in a durable cotton blend. Also, wearing a no-show sock doesn’t mean the designs are not worth caring for. After all, fashion is an attitude.

The Singapore Staple – Drymax Hot Weather Run Mini Crew

The sensation of your feet burning during or after a run is something most of us dread. While health reasons may be why your feet feel overheated when running, friction and heat itself are common causes.

The Drymax Hot Weather Run Mini Crew is designed for running in sweltering weather, like that of Singapore’s. The breathable Mesh at the top of the sock and the Vented Arch Band at the bottom allows for ventilation and prevents trapping of heat. Also, it prevents the formation of blisters.

Toe Freedom – Injinji RUN 2.0 Lightweight Mini-Crew Toe Socks

If you’re getting bored with your socks, why not try something new? Give the Injinji RUN 2.0 Lightweight Mini-Crew Toe Socks a try and your toes some freedom.

With a layer of protection around each and every toe, this sock is sure to give you an added layer of comfort. On top of that, it’s an edgy and refreshing design that can be very interesting to wear.

For the Organised – 2XU Performance Low Rise Socks

How many times have you put your sock on the wrong foot without realising until the seam creates discomfort?

You can soon avoid that, with the 2XU Performance Low Rise Socks. With left/right marks, it’s perfect for individuals who love everything organised, right down to their socks. The 2XU Performance socks also come with flat seams in the toe area to provide extra comfort to your toes. They come in both men’s and women’s versions.

Bold Colours – Women's UA Essential Pattern No Show Socks

If you’re looking for eye-catching colours, then the UA Essential Pattern No Show Socks and the vibrant colours it offers is for you.

The assorted range pack ensures that you will have a variety of bold designs to choose from for every workout. The flat knit construction reduces bulk and improves fitting, ensuring that your feet can reside snugly in your sports shoes.
Also, no-show socks help to accentuate the curves of your calves, ensuring your legs look great!

Anti-Odour – Men's UA Heatgear Low Cut Socks

Sometimes, the overpowering stench that we inevitably get a whiff of when we remove our running socks can be too much to bear. At times like that, you probably wish you had the UA Heatgear Low Cut Socks.

It comes with ArmourBlock anti-odour technology that prevents the growth of microbes that cause odour. It also has a Moisture Transport System that wicks your perspiration away from the skin surface.

More Than Socks – 2XU Men's Compression Socks

If you’re looking for something that offers much more than just comfort and ventilation, consider investing in a pair of compression socks. They tend to promote blood circulation, boost muscle performance and speed up recovery time. 

You might like the 2XU Men's Compression Socks, which has added the enhanced ability to support your ankle, calf and foot arch. One surprising but fantastic quality? It has anti-bacterial and UPF50+ sun protection.


They say go hard or go home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your feet the tender, loving care it deserves. Callused and blistered feet don’t have to be part of that tough love you administer in the name of fitness.


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