8 Awesome Facts About Adopting a Runner's Lifestyle

Already a regular runner, or thinking of becoming one? Find out more about the awesome benefits that running has to offer in this article!

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Running is the world’s most popular exercise. Many people see running as part of their daily or weekly routines, similar to work and sleep. Is running part of your lifestyle as well? More often than not, we know regular runners as disciplined, energetic and sometimes stubborn people to hang out with due to their firm commitments towards running. And this often has a strong link to how they live their lives outside of running as well.

What exactly are the benefits of adopting a runner’s lifestyle and how do they relate to you in health and beyond? Find out eight awesome facts in this article!

1. An Effective Calorie Burner

Alright, so it is an obvious fact that running burns calories. But do you know exactly how much you are burning every time you run? No matter how slow of a jogger you are, running allows you to burn at least 510 calories per hour or 8.5 calories per minute of running.

That means you can burn off an entire 100 grammes Mars bar in less than an hour of running! Not only that, but you should also know that running is one of the most effective exercises in burning calories.

2. Gets You High

Yes, you didn’t read this wrong. Not the high that comes from drugs, of course, but hey, it does come close. Runner’s high is not just a myth; it’s been compared to marijuana’s high, due to the euphoria and anxiety release that comes with a run.

3. Increases Your Life Span by 3 Years

Adopting a runner’s lifestyle can make a difference between life and death. Studies have shown that regular runners live an average of 3 years longer than non-runners. In this study, regular runners were simply identified as people who do 15-minute walks or 5-minute runs daily. That shows you just how little effort you need to start running and yet reap considerable benefits. 

“That shows you just how little effort you need to start running and yet reap considerable benefits.” 

4. Look Better

An amazing benefit of running is that it clears up gunk that can lead to nasty pimple breakouts. Running also boosts the production of natural oils, letting your skin stay fresh and supple. To get that glistening look through the day, keep running!

5. Energy Boost 

Running not only helps to fight fatigue but expands total long-term energy too! This means people who adopt a runner’s lifestyle can get things done much longer before feeling tired, versus people who do not run. Want to get that fresh feeling when you go to work and maintain your focus throughout the day? Running might just be the solution for you.

6. Sleep Better

Struggling with insomnia? Running allows you to fall asleep quicker and enter into deeper sleep, which is when most of the recovery process occurs. If you’re running in the later part of the day, remember to do so in the early evening instead of late at night. That burst of activity so close to bed time may make it harder for you to sleep instead!

7. Enhance Your Sex Life

Not only does running increase your confidence and energy, but it has also been shown to promote sexual drive, activity and satisfaction. Studies have shown that women become more responsive to sex while men gain higher testosterone levels after exercising.

8. Be Healthier in Ways You Never Imagined

Other than obvious benefits such as improving cardiovascular fitness and maintaining a healthy weight, did you know that running also helps you to build bones and improve muscle growth? There’s more. Runners are also less likely to contract heart disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer. Talk about awesome health gains!



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