7 Ways You Can Save Money on Running Gear

Running on a budget, literally? Fret not, 'cause running can be low-cost. In fact, getting performance gear at cut-throat prices is easier than you think!

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There are many different types of runners. Some run to keep fit, some run for discipline, some run to feel more energetic, and others run to look good and feel sexy. Which of these categories do you fit into?

Regardless of your type, all runners need to wear the right equipment and accessories during a run. The most basic running gear would be a trusty pair of running shoes and sweat-wicking Dri-Fit clothing while advanced considerations include a good pair of sunglasses, hydration equipment and holsters for carry-ons. All these can easily add up to a humongous sum of money, usually in the range of hundreds of dollars!

For the economical runner, we've compiled the 7 best ways to save money without compromising the quality of your running experience. Want to know more? Read on below!

1. The Bargain Hunter

In a shopping haven like Singapore, sales are often right around the corner if you know where to look. Catch a good price during a sale and even consider planning for the long term by buying more than a pair of shoes; that will ensure you save money over the long run. To get you started, take a dive into our article on the best places to get the cheapest running shoes in Singapore.

2. Improvise and Customise

You don't always have to go for a sports drink to replenish those electrolytes. Replace sports drinks with watered down juice and honey water. Instead of protein bars, how about some canned tuna from ValuDollar stores in Singapore? Cheap and packed with ample protein for your post-workout needs.

3. Rotate Your Shoes

Use old running shoes for less challenging environments such as soft surfaces or when running on the treadmill. Save your best pair of shoes to clock the mileages that really matter, such as road running and for your races.

"The most basic of all running gear would be a trusty pair of running shoes and sweat-wicking Dri-Fit clothing, while advanced considerations include a good pair of sunglasses, hydration equipment and holsters for carry-ons."

4. Know Your Memberships

If you have a brand which you use often, it may be a good time to look at a membership subscription and discounts for that particular brand. Customer loyalty always comes with rewards.

5. Second-Hand Options

On first thought, second-hand running gear does not sound appetising. However, the reality is that there are many second-hand options where you can get fresh gear from fellow runners who have overstocked on a sale or made mistakes on sizing. Check out Ebay or Carousell for some good leads!

6. Get Older Models

By now, you may have noticed that whenever a new model of shoes is released, the older models automatically fall back to discounted prices. If all you need is a fresh pair of shoes and you are not too concerned about keeping in touch with the latest designs, it's really okay to be one generation behind in trend but one generation ahead in savings.

7. The Naked Runner

No, we don't literally mean running naked here. But if all else fails, always remember our primal ancestors of the Stone Age; take a leaf from their books (not that they had any). When they run to hunt, they did not enjoy any of the performance gear and perks of today's technological world. In fact, there are many sources out there supporting the benefits of barefoot running.  Since you're on a budget anyway, why not give it a try?


As world famous fashion designer Coco Chanel once said, The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive. Whether or not you opt for high-end or inexpensive running gear, remember that the best thing, which is running itself, is and will always be free. 


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