7 Themed Running Gear for the Wacky You

Fancy yourself feeling like Darth Vader on your next run? Or are you just searching for funny or cute running attire in general? 

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If so, then get a wallop of themed running gear. Here are seven of them you can adopt to turn heads, because fun is what you seek, nothing less.


Run as one of the most iconic characters of your childhood the Smurf. Not only will you inspire kids to run after you, but you'll also give your competitors the blues. Ha ha.

If you'd like to be recognisable and have fingers pointed at you from a mile away, get your very own Smurf outfit here. (Note: blue body paint not included)

Star Wars

Star Wars has one of the biggest fandoms in the world - it is something that appeals to both children and adults alike. I mean, they have laser beams! And lightsabers! Andwell, you get the idea.

Whether you resonate more with the imperialist Stormtrooper or the weirdly adorable Chewbacca, there's a costume for every faction. It is also probably a great ice-breaking tool as you hear a fellow runner exclaim, "I like Star Wars too!" So get inspired here, and may the force be with you.  

Marvel Superheroes

Some of the most cliched but flashiest themed running outfits unreservedly go to the good guys from Marvel. After all, what's tackier than sprinting in your Flash T-shirt to insinuate how fast you are?

Sports brand Under Armour also sells other superhero outfits under its Alter Ego label, which can be found here. If that doesn't tickle your dressing-up pickle, complete the look with compression tights, shorts and other running apparel here.

"How dreary will running be without being treated to the sight of brave costume-bearers every now and then?"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)

Another popular choice, especially when running with friends. The TMNT outfit reflects your gung-ho, all-out attitude as you fight crime calories and fats mile by mile. The TMNT wicking vest can be found here, and you can complete the outfit with say, a turtle shell backpack if you'd like some extra weight training. The backpack and other accessories can be found here.

Star Trek

"It's only logical," says Captain Spock. What do you do if you're into both running AND Star Trek? You follow Spock, of course. Whether you're a Starfleet cadet or a graduate, there's a running attire available here to satisfy the inner geek in you. Who knows, perhaps you can shut off your human emotion of fatigue and run for hours, huh?


Here's one more suited to the ladies, or sassier personalities who prefer to prance about in classic Disney outfits based on notable characters like Rapunzel, or even the more recent Elsa (Let it go, let it go...Oops, sorry). There are also other Disney inspired attires without characters, but with the all too familiar Disney word font. Pick from a seemingly endless list here.

Super Mario

It's-a me, Mario! Do you want to look like a strong Italian plumber when you run? Luigi says you can't eat anymore mushrooms until you lose some weight, so this is the perfect time to start. Like the game, Princess Peach is waiting at the end, and like the game, you need to run, run, run. Buy the outfit here.


Let's be real, marathons and life in general would be so boring without the "oddballs" and the "weirdos" who are often eyeballed, but silently appreciated by the hoi polloi. Taking the seriousness out of certain things in life isn't a bad thing. Can you imagine a world without the different colours? Or in this context, how dreary will running be without being treated to the sight of brave costume-bearers every now and then?


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