7 Strategies to Wake Up Early For a Run

Looking for ways to wake yourself up for that early run? Use these 7 strategies and give yourself no excuse to pull up your socks and get running!

We are all familiar with the not-so-good mornings when it seems almost impossible to get off our beds, even though we remembered making a solemn oath to do our morning run the night before. What changed us in this short but transformational hours of sleep? Sometimes, it’s not simply just about our will to wake up, but also other factors that covertly arise to support our decision not to run.

Not anymore. Presenting seven strategies that everyone can use to wake up early for that run which we have constantly tried (but failed) to accomplish. Read on!

1. Use a Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Want to avoid getting off on the wrong side of the bed? One uncommon and relatively new strategy that you can use is the Sleep Cycle app that can be found on both Apple and Google Play app stores. This nifty little app analyses your sleep patterns throughout the night and calculates the right time to wake you up in the morning; when you are in the lightest cycle of sleep. Say goodbye to grogginess and alarms shocking you awake!

As a secondary measure, be sure to keep your alarm somewhere further than arm’s length to ensure that you have to stand up and switch that alarm off. That should then lead you to...

2. Open the Curtains and Stretch Your Body

Our body’s circadian rhythm essentially means that we tend to wake up in the presence of light and doze off to darkness. Use that to your advantage by quickly opening the curtains right after you stand up to switch off that alarm.

Next, raise your arms and begin with a stretch to your entire body, before proceeding to any other preferred stretches. This should wake you up almost entirely so that you won’t end up flopping down on your bed again.

3. Have a Clear Goal and Action Plan

What are you running for? Be it weight loss, fitness, discipline or anything else under the sun, it is always critical to have a clear purpose or reason for you to run. Not only does this give you a motivational boost in the morning, but it also helps to reinforce the habit of making morning jogs a lifestyle that moves you towards your goals.

As an additional step, be sure to plan out a weekly running schedule at the start of every week to keep yourself on track to reaching your goals! 

4. Wear Your Running Gear to Sleep

If you’re not too picky about what you wear to sleep, why not wear your running gear and socks to sleep the night before your run? This eliminates the two big steps in thinking of what to wear for your run, as well as the hassle of actually taking off your clothes and gearing up. Isn’t it almost too convenient to run in the morning now?

5. Avoid Heavy Dinner and Alcohol

If you’re clocking regular sleeping hours and still feeling tired, your sleep quality might be affected by whatever you had the night before. As a general rule, a heavy dinner filled with carbs or alcohol (or even a combination of both!) can lead to a hangover in the morning. Try to avoid these on nights before your morning run, and if that’s unavoidable, keep your consumption to a minimum.

6. Coffee and Fuel

Still feeling lazy after getting out from the bathroom? Making some coffee or even tea, along with your favourite fuel helps. A good starter could be bananas and coffee, simply for the convenience and energy boost that they instantly give. What’s your favourite combo? If you don’t have one, maybe it’s time to figure it out.

7. Have an Accountability Partner

If all else fails, hopefully, your accountability partner will not. Know someone who regularly wakes up in the morning to run? Grab him or her to be an accountability partner and even consider going on a run together if he or she lives nearby!

If you have someone in the household who shares a similar goal or routine to run in the morning, that’s even better! It is always nice to know that you are not alone in your quest to keep fit in the morning.

“Sometimes, it’s not simply just about our will to wake up, but also other factors that covertly arise to support our decision not to run.”


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