6 Cool Running Apparel & Accessories for the Fashionable Runner

Since you’re running anyway, why not look cool while doing it? Get in touch with the most fashionable running gear and accessories today!

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What’s the difference between a runner and a cool runner? You guessed it – what they wear. Here in this article, we share with you the most fashionable items from 6 different categories of running gear that you can flaunt on your next race. Read on!

1. Wristband – Fitbit Charge HR

What’s cool about it: The Fitbit Charge HR is a nifty sports wristband that continuously monitors your heart rate, steps, and activities all day long. Other features include sleep tracking and even a caller ID feature in which the smartphone vibrates whenever you receive a call. It has a simple, yet elegant looking design, with a digital display no more than an inch long.

The Fitbit Charge HR can be connected and synced to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Fitbit app also allows you to monitor your physical activity, set daily goal targets and even makes exercising fun by unlocking achievement badges. You can even challenge your friends to see who clocks the most steps!

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2. Shoes – Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes

What’s cool about it: Imagine that with every step you run, some of the energy you use goes back to you. That’s exactly what the Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes has to offer. Claiming to provide excellent speed, cushioning and comfort, the boost™ foam in the midsole is what returns energy to you while you run.

The stretch web outsole adapts to your foot strike as well, making this pair of shoes very versatile. Oh, and did we mention that it looks sleek and is available in plenty of colours to suit your taste?

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3. Sunglasses – Oakley Polarised Radarlock Path Sunglasses

What’s cool about it: While a well-fitted pair of sunglasses never fails to look cool on anyone, the Oakley Polarised Radarlock Path Sunglasses takes it to the next level with a uniquely shaped design that looks like it came out of the movies.

Polarised lenses reduce glare, preventing you from squinting your eyes as much. The rubber temples are also made to fit tight even when you’ve worked up a sweat. A perfect pair of sunglasses to look great running in hot and sunny Singapore.

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“Imagine that with every step you run, some of the energy you use goes back to you.”

4. Belt – FlipBelt Running & Travel Waist Belt

What’s cool about it: Ever faced a situation where your valuables and accessories are placed awkwardly, uncomfortably or not as securely as they should be? End your worries and go hands-free with the FlipBelt Running & Travel Waist Belt, which provides 4 openings that let you easily tuck in everything you need for your workout.

Everything can be locked in by flipping the belt inside out, creating a bounce and jiggle-free running experience. Grab one of these FlipBelts if you prefer looking cool in a simple and elegant design that’s free of fasteners and buttons.

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5. Socks – Feetures! Elite Light Cushion Low Cut Socks

What’s cool about it: Look great and feel great in these anatomically designed Feetures! Elite Light Cushion Low Cut Socks. The thick cushion surrounding the sole and toes prevent you from getting blisters as easily. The Coolfeet Ventilation System increases airflow and breathability, letting your feet stay cool while running.

The “Perfect Toe”, a trademarked seam-free toe closure, eliminates discomfort and irritation to your feet and toes. Choose from a variety of colour combinations!

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6. Hydration Gear – Nike Vapor 2 Bottle Waist Pack

What’s cool about it: Going for a run that requires some light hydration? You need not feel awkward carrying a bottle or a bulky hydration backpack. Instead, the Nike Vapor 2 Bottle Waistpack provides you with everything you need for your run.

Two 177ml easy squeeze water bottles keep you hydrated in a fuss-free way. The design also allows for storage of valuables and accessories that can be fit securely and comfortably to your body with minimal bouncing. Look cool even when carrying hydration equipment!

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