6 Amazing Night Race Tips

Bored of running in broad daylight? Definitely. Ready to switch up for a night race, then? Not really, you say. After all, running in the dark isnt quite the same as your usual morning marathon.

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Well, my friends, don't worry we got your back. With the exhilarating thrill and possible hazards that come with a run in the dark, here are six night running tips to see you safe (and victorious) to the finish line.

Training Runs For the Win!

The different factors at night will affect how you run during the race day itself, so it's essential that you do plenty of test-drives.  

For example, its cooler, but more humid as well. You may find yourself running faster at night than you would in the mornings. This might cause you to burn out in the second half of the race due to that initial increase in speed. Reduced visibility can also take some getting used to as well.

So plan a few training runs that start in the evening, if not at the same time of the event. Experiment with your speed to bring out that optimal night pace you need. This will allow your body to adapt to night conditions without hampering your usual performance. 

Get Yourself Geared Up

Bring a torch light or buy some wearable lights. Even if there are streetlamps lighting the way during your race, you never know when you might run into a dark corner. Also, the toilets are typically not well-lit you wouldn't want to slip and injure yourself during the race, would you?

Of course, remember to wear reflective gear. Get yourself a reflective vest, or buy those reflective stickers to paste on your clothing and shoes. Reflective gear ensures that you can be seen, and that is an important safety measure for any night race.  

Load Up!

Your eating patterns will have to change if you are preparing for a night race event. Work backwards from the beginning of the run to ensure that you ingest food over well-spaced intervals. The aim is to avoid getting hungry and yet, not overeat as well.  

Instead of having dinner as the heaviest meal of the day, eat a reasonably large but well-proportioned breakfast. Slowly work through the day from there. Light snacks should be consumed throughout to keep you from going hungry, and take a lunch that's slightly smaller than your breakfast. Your food should be easily digestible without being overly greasy or containing high fibre content.

Know the Route Like the Back of Your Hand

Make sure you check out the race route beforehand so that you don't get lost later on. Know the route well and prepare for any changes in the terrain. If possible, plan your toilet breaks and take note of where the hydration points are. Remember to charge your GPS device or bring along your route map with you.

Positivity can help take your mind off the aching, pain or stresses of running.

Think Positive

As cliche as it sounds, you should never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Positivity can help take your mind off the aching, pain or stresses of running. It can also keep you going. Remember a motivational line or phrase and keep repeating it to yourself. Look out for the next marker, or hydration station, if it helps. Before you know it you'll be past the finish line.

Rest! (The Correct Way)

You have finished the night race! Now, what? Have a small snack and replenish your fluids. Don't stuff yourself with a feast yet, but don't forgo eating either. Your body needs to repair itself, so stay hydrated and provide it with the nutrients and minerals it needs to repair damaged muscles and tissues. Remember to do your stretching too!


So now hopefully you're all set for your night race! Remember to keep these pointers in mind before you embark on your first sunset run. These events are exciting and fresh, but your diligent preparation is key in enjoying them to the fullest. Good luck!


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