5 Ways to Build Up Your Endurance (Without Actually Running)

Discover new ways to increase your endurance without having to endure the same gruelling running routine!

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Is running the only way to substantially build your endurance? Of course not! So why do some of us only stick to the old, boring runs to improve our cardiovascular capacity?

Endurance, synonymous with stamina, is one of those attributes we all wish to have more of. Having more endurance benefits us in multiple areas of our lives, including increased energy, improved mood, better health and so on.

Then there is running. Running for many reasons can sometimes be the bane of all humanity when we are not in the best of states. Thankfully, there are other ways to build your endurance as well. So what else can you do to reap the benefits of an increased endurance without having to run all the time? Read on to find out!


One very obvious yet interesting alternative to running is cycling. With the many park connectors scattered across Singapore, there is no shortage of places to cycle and explore. As you cover greater and greater distances, you will inevitably increase your endurance as well. Compared to running, cycling is also a gentler exercise on the body, especially on the legs, thereby reducing your chances of injury. So if you don’t already have a bicycle, get one and have a new form of adventure in Singapore! Check out the list of Park Connectors in Singapore here.

Strength Training (Work Those Legs!)

While running is primarily a cardio workout, we often forget that strength training gives a much-needed boost to our leg muscles as well. The benefits of working out your legs at the gym include increased propulsion and speed, as well as better absorbing of the impact stressing your joints, which in turn allows you to increase endurance. For higher effectiveness in training endurance, lower your rest time between sets to stretch yourself. Check out 5 such exercises which you can use to boost your leg power & quickness!


Similar to cycling, swimming presents a good way to increase your endurance while reducing chances of injury, since it does not put high pressure on your joints because of the buoyancy effect. Unsurprisingly, it can get boring and routine very quickly, similar to running. When this happens, try interval workouts to keep things fresh.

Pool Running

You probably knew a thing or two about the activities mentioned so far, but have you tried pool running?  Pool running at the deep end (no floor touching!) is great for recovering runners as it trains your running form and utilises the same muscles you use when running, all while having zero impact on your legs. Can’t wait to start but don’t know how? Check out this video for a detailed guide on pool running.


Why not have a little fun while you build endurance? A variety of sports helps to increase endurance (think soccer, badminton, basketball, etc.) while keeping things fresh and different. The key to increasing your endurance while playing sports is to have longer, more intensive sessions without taking a break.

"Running for many reasons can sometimes be the bane of all humanity when we are not in the best of states. Thankfully, there are other ways to train on your endurance as well."


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