5 Ways a Healthy Sex Life Helps Improve Track Performance

Can regular sex improve your performance on the track? Of course it can! Discover 5 ways that it can do so in this article.

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Ever wondered what a healthy sex life can do for your physical activities? Ever since studies broke the myth that you should not have sex the night before a competition, there has been much more research and tests to discover whether the opposite is true; that regular sex in fact has positive influences on your mental and physical performance. Can a healthy sex life lead to better timings on the track? Yes, and in more ways than you think! Read on to find out more about this hot topic.


1. Boosts Runner’s High and Confidence

Endorphins, the same chemicals found in chocolate that make you feel happier, are released both during sex and in workouts. What this means is you can get yourself in a better mood and make it more likely to get a runner’s high when you are on the track. It always helps when you put yourself in a state where you’re enjoying the run, and a healthy sex life gives you just that. What’s more, having “great sex” will definitely improve your confidence, which just might be what you need to break that personal record.


2. Blocks Pain

Looking for a way to relieve accumulated muscle cramps and pains? Sex has been shown to create a pain-blocking effect especially in women, through the prevention of the release of substance P in our bodies. This effect, which can last up to a day, helps to fight off muscle pain and other injuries, a very useful tool for you to improve track performance.


3. Serves as a Bonus Workout

According to a Women’s Health interview with Doug Barsanti, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and owner of ReInvention Fitness, sex does not generate enough intensity to count as a workout. However, it’s a great addition, like a bonus workout or a warm up to the run. What this means is that stacking regular sex on top of your workout increases your track performance more than just pure running!


4. Increases Aggression

Want to get out there and run like a beast? Sex has been shown to boost testosterone levels, increasing our aggression and desire to perform. This will help particularly if you’re intending to have an intensive track workout, where any extra drive to make your mark will create a difference. Sex also creates long-term effects of increasing muscle and bone mass.


5. Helps You to Relax

We didn’t just contradict ourselves, or did we? The amazing thing about having regular sex is that it not only increases aggression when you’re lacking it, it can even help you to relax and de-stress if you find yourself on the opposite end of the spectrum instead! In other words, sex helps to bring you into an optimal psychological balance between relaxation and tension to perform at your peak.


The long and short of it? If you have too much anxiety and stress the night before workout day, sex might just be the cure you need.


Ever since studies broke the myth that you should not have sex the night before a competition, there has been much more research and tests to discover whether the opposite is true.


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